93 Bomb Blast Case: Yakub Memon Death Sentence Appeal Supreme Court Judgement: Part 038

Explosion at Hotel Sea Rock:

Deposition of Premchand Pandhari Nath Garud (PW-23)

394) PW-23 was working as an attendant in the House Keeping Department of the said Hotel. He deposed as under:

i) A guest (A-12), carrying a biscuit coloured suitcase and a black shoulder bag checked in Room No. 1840 at about 12:15 hrs.

ii) The guest (A-12) was finding difficulty in opening the lock of the room so he assisted him in opening the door.

iii) The appellant asked him not to disturb as he was exhausted and wanted to sleep.

iv) Around 3 p.m., he heard a loud explosion due to which the said room was completely damaged and the lift also stopped working.

v) PW-23 identified the appellant before the Court in the dock.

vi) He also identified the appellant in the Test Identification Parade conducted by Vasant Kamble (PW-462) on 21.03.1993.

Deposition of Vasant Kamble (PW-462)

i) He is the SEM who conducted the TIP on 21.03.1993 for the identification of A-12 at Sacred Hearts School.

ii) A Panchnama of the parade was also prepared by him which is marked as Exh. 1478 and he also proved the same.

Deposition of Suresh K. Singh (PW-28)

At the relevant time, PW-28 was working as a bell boy in the said hotel.

i) On 12.03.1993, he offered help to the appellant (A-12) to carry his biscuit coloured suitcase and black coloured bag but he refused to take any help.

ii) After 10/15 minutes, he saw the appellant leaving the hotel without luggage.

(iii) He identified the appellant (A-12) in the Identification Parade dated 07.05.1993 conducted by Almedia, Special Executive Magistrate at Bandra Police Station in the presence of panch witness.

Deposition of Suresh Kumar Champalal Bhandari (PW-467)

i) He was the panch witness of the parade conducted by the SEM.

ii) He deposed that PWs-28 and 23 duly identified the appellant (A-12) in the Identification Parade conducted by SEM

iii) He deposed that a panchnama was prepared for the parade. The above said evidence establishes the fact that the appellant (A-12) entered into the Room No. 1840 along with the luggage and after leaving the same in the said room, he went out of the hotel. Thereafter, a big explosion took place in the said room. Both PWs-23 and 28 have identified the appellant (A-12).

Deposition of Ms. Darive Nicholas Henriques (PW-279)

PW-279 was the Front Office Receptionist at Hotel Sea Rock at the relevant time and deposed that a person by name Domnic D’Souza came to the hotel along with one more person to make an advance payment for Mr. Advani’s reservation on 08.03.1993.

Deposition of Johnwin George Manavalan (PW-280)

PW-280 was working as a Cashier at Hotel Sea Rock and deposed of having accepted Rs.7,000/- on 08.03.1993 towards advance payment for reservation of the said room commencing from 11.03.1993, in the name of Mr. Advani. He further deposed that he issued receipt for the same.

Deposition of Valery D’Souza (PW-620)

PW-620 was a Reservation Assistant at Hotel Sea Rock at the relevant time and deposed that on 08.03.1993, a person had come to confirm the check in of one Mr. Advani on 11.03.1993. She deposed that the said person deposited Rs.7,000/- with the cashier and completed the reservation formalities.

Deposition of Lorraine Gonsalves (PW-495) A receptionist at Hotel Sea Rock testified as follows:

i) One person came to the desk and told that he has a booking in the name of Mr. Advani for Gorakhpur Metal Company.

ii) He gave the booking number.

iii) He also produced the receipt for advance payment.

iv) He was given a registration card in which he filled 108, Napean Sea Road, as his address.

v) After completing all the formalities, she allotted Room No. 1840 and handed over the keys of the said room to him.

Deposition of Dr. Manoj Jagatraj Virani (PW-107)

He was a doctor and residing at 100 AA, Sea View Bungalow. He deposed that no person by name Dominic D’Souza or Advani stayed at 108 Napean Sea Road.

On perusal of the aforesaid evidence, it is established that Room No. 1840 was booked in a fictitious name.

Deposition of Dominic Anthony Martis (PW-333)

At the relevant time, PW-333 was working as a Security Assistant at Hotel Sea Rock and deposed about the explosion and damage caused due to it. He proved his complaint which culminated into a first information report about the said incident.

Deposition of Rajan Mayandy Natarajan (PW-437)

He was also a Security Officer at Hotel Sea Rock and he deposed about the scene after the blast. He further deposed about the inspection of the site conducted by PSI Bhagwan and proved the panchnama drawn by him. Dastagir Mohamad Gavandi (PW-552) PW-552 was a police officer and he deposed as under:

i) He inspected the site.

ii) PSI Bhagwan collected 7 to 8 samples from the room by drawing panchnama in the presence of panch witnesses.

iii) On 14.03.1993, he along with PW-531 again went to the Hotel with FSL experts who took some samples and handed over them to PW-531 vide panchnama Exh. 1826.

iv) On 19.03.1993, he sent three sealed packets vide covering letter to Chemical Analyzer through PW-531.

v) The chemical analyser report was received on 29.03.1993. The report of the Chemical Analyser in this regard is clear that the samples sent for examination contained traces of high explosive RDX (Cyclonite) and nitrite.

Deposition of Bhaurao Takekar (PW-531)

PW-531 was a police officer and deposed that on 14.04.1993 he went to the Hotel along with Mandlik and Karnik, FSL experts and inspected the said room. The FSL experts collected samples and handed over to him. He deposed that he drew a panchnama and handed over the seized articles to PW-

552. He further deposed that he handed over three sealed packets to FSL for opinion vide covering letter Exh. 1897.

Deposition of Ashok Hotchand Motwani (PW-419)

PW-419 was a Project Manager at Hotel Sea Rock and deposed about the monetary loss/damage caused to the hotel building owing to the explosion. Other Recoveries at the behest of the appellant:


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