Duties of Citizen

Being a Social human being, all of us should respect our laws, our teachers and elders


– Fundamental duties as entrained in the constitution of India

– Legal duties vis-à-vis criminal law enforcement

Sec. 40 C.R.P.C


– Duties to stop vehicle on red light

– Duty to stay and duty to stop your vehicle on being asked by any police officer in uniform, on any public place or public road. You have right to call for his identity

– Duty to disclose your correct identity being asked by any police officer in uniform

– Duty to submit yourself and your belongings including vehicle for search

– Duty to obey lawful orders of police officer in uniform

– Duty to appear as witness and state truth before police and courts even if it puts you at some inconvenience, Loss of income and Physical risk. If you do not stand by the side of lay today, you and you dear ones can be next victim of that very criminal. If you cannot take risk, you have no moral right to expect others to take risk.

Courtesy: http://mppolice.gov.in/Static/Citizen/duties_citizen_e.aspx

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