A hug of a new kind : Corona Chronicle #131

They were hugging through a thin sheet of plastic.

It was surreal to hug her grandparents after so long.

She did not know when she could hug them after one point in the COVID-19 lockdown.

She wanted to hug them and feel their love.

She saw a video going viral on the social media which was basically a hack to hug anyone.

It wasn’t her idea but the execution was all her.

She made a safe way to hug her grandparents without getting infected and getting them infected either.

She used disposable plates, plastic bags, a shower curtain and a hot glue gun and a lot of determination to make this hug curtain.

She had a mde a list and given it to her dad when he went to stock up the groceries.

When she got everything she needed, she put in a lot of effort to make it.

The happiness she left when she could hug her grandparents through the curtain was so admirable and adorable.

Her arms could safely reach her grandparents and theirs could reach her embracing each other amid the pandemic yet being safe.

She just wanted to hug her nana and papa.

The girl’s name is Paige and she is just 10 years old.

A hug of a new kind!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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