In the court of the Lord, we serve better : Corona Chronicle #136

He started a campaign called ‘Four For All’ as an initiative to help people during the terrible times of COVID-19.

Day one of the lockdown, him and his friends took a trip to the nearby slum to check on the people.

The mission and aim they had in mind was easy – no one near them should be sleeping hungry.

They noted down every person who said they did not have food or even grains for a long period.

The first day of the lockdown, there were 18 names on the list.

The number rose to 250 eventually, then 400 and now the team is feeding over 900 people everyday and both the times.

There are also people whose societies are sealed and are from the hotspots but they are being provided with food too.

There were times when he would go himself after midnight and leave bags of food at the doorstep sometimes.

When he went home, he would have a satisfaction that he helped some noble souls of the world and the appreciation he got or the grateful little smiles would encourage him.

The initial issues they had in working effectively and efficiently are now over and they are getting a large incoming of volunteers.

There are 3 or professional cooks too now.

They have efficiently distributed the work among people.

They start making lunch at around 10 am and by 12:30 pm, the fresh food is served to the people.

The dinner batch starts at 5 pm and is done by 8 pm after which the food is distributed.

He thinks that his friends and neighbours and clients have been of great help and encouragement.

He also found a langar which was not able to serve people so they used the space to cook there.

The initiative receives a lot of donations in cash and in kind too.

He believes that all this love he gets from the needy people should be given to his father because he us the constant source of motivation.

His father is also a social worker and is inspired by Late. APJ Abdul Kalam.

He plans to further register an NGO and use that as a way to help more and more people and those who are in dire need.

His name is Bilal Khan and is only 29 years old.

He is a Supreme Court Lawyer and lives in Nizamuddin, Delhi.

In the court of the Lord, we serve better.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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