A Noble Salute for a noble soul : Corona Chronicle #135

The children of the tribal village would get ready for school and sit on the entrances of their houses.

They wanted to go to school even during the pandemic was hitting the world hard.

Studies were so important to them that even a day without it was like hell for them.

There are 290 students in the school and no smartphones or internet is available there.

The headmaster felt that the students might forget the earlier lessons if there is a longer gap.

He also used to feel bad that his students wait for their school to start.

He wanted to teach his students which led him to the most innovative idea.

He realised that since they are tribal children, they are fast at learning wall paintings and it would be so much easier to teach them by using the walls as blackboards.

The social distancing norms would also not be broken by this.

The fear of contracting the virus is if they come in contact with someone who is infected so he has given a duster and a chalk to each child.

The students were so attracted by the idea of that, they were ready to do anything to start the process.

The school has four teachers including the headmaster.

The teachers and the agers managed to make a batch where 50 students each would attend classes in rotation.

They are now dressed in the school dress and sit outside their houses according the school schedule. 

Teachers have their blackboards where they write what the children have to do.

Students ask doubts writing on their blackboard while the teachers answers by doing the same.

The headmaster beat the COVID-19 lockdown well and because the students were so helpful.

This school us the Government Upgraded Middle School in Dumarthar Village, Jharkhand.

The innovator is Headmaster Patralekh.

A Noble Salute for a noble soul.

Disclaimer: Based on true events

– Tanisha Agrawal

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