Nothing is impossible : Corona Chronicle #139

During the lockdown, while she was getting bored amid her free time, she wanted to do something productive.

She decided that she can learn so much more on the internet in the modern times.

She contacted her college faculty who was the one to guide her towards the world of online courses.

A huge range of courses was very intimidating and we’re varying in duration and even their curriculum was different.

She took help of her college Principal: Ajims P Muhammed and started the online courses on a website called Coursera.

The coordinator of the website, Haneefa KG was also one of her supporter including Neelima TK who is her class tutor.

She started completing courses and was having fun while doing those interesting courses.

By the time 3 months passed, she has already finished 350 courses from world-renowned universities.

She completed courses offered by John Hawkins University, Technical University of Denmark, University of Virginia, State University of New York, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Copenhagen, University of Rochester and even Emory University.

She has made a world record within 3 months from Universal Record Forum (URF) for completing an amazing number of online courses.

She is a second year student MSc. Biochemistry of MES College.

She lives in Elamakkara in Kerela’s Kochi and her name is Arathi Reghunath.

She had a feeling that she could do something like this and she did.

The feeling of victory and feat that she had when she completed the was something she had never felt before.

The world record was a cherry on the cake and an amazing journey in all.

Nothing is impossible.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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