Do people like him really exist? : Corona Chronicle #133

He had fever for almost 13 days on and off when he went to the clinic to get tested.

In the beginning, they tested him for dengue and malaria but those were negative.

Due to the outbreak, they decided to test him for COVID-19 and he tested positive.

His condition had gotten really bad.

He even had to spend 5 days in the ICU.

He was really scared and did not understand how he is going to survive this.

It was a terribly hard time for him.

His wife, however, was still serving COVID-19 patients as a nurse.

One day, he texted his wife and told her that he sees a bleak possibility that he might come back home alive.

But he was still trying his best to fight and the strength he showed, had the best results.

He recovered after 5 days and was shifted to the normal ward.

But fate took a turn, his wife also tested positive for COVID-19.

She was quarantine at home but her case did not aggravate and she got fine in a couple of days.

When he was shifted at his house, he was wondering about how he can help the medical fraternity and pay them back for saving his life.

He saw an advertisement of Bhosari Hospital saying that they’re in need of ward boys for the COVID-19 wards.

As soon as his home quarantine was over he went to the hospital and submitted his application.

They immediately hired him and asked him to come from tomorrow. 

He had never been so happy and grateful in life before.

He comes to work as a ward boy in a Scorpio car and that draws a lot of attention but all he cares about is how he can help the people who were patients of COVID-19.

He was doing his work with honesty, dedication and commitment. 

He was a business partner in a security agency and used to earn around Rupees 60,000 per month.

Now, as a ward boy he earns Rupees 16,000.

His name is Subhash Baban Gaikwad and is 35 years old.

Do people like him really exist?

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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