Advisory regarding calls starting with +92 calling code to defraud people

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Mumbai, 30 May 2020

A brief advisory regarding phishing and lottery fraud calls starting with the +92 code

This advisory guidelines may also be useful in case of various other lottery scam calls from other numbers]

A lot of people have received voice calls from different numbers starting with +92, i.e. Pakistan, as well as voice calls via platforms like WhatsApp, Google Duo.

These are phishing as well as lottery fraud calls that have been made to defraud people.


There are two kinds of modi operandi that the fraudsters are using:

KBC Lottery modus:

  • The fraudster makes a call and tells you that they have selected your number as a lucky one.
  • They mention that you have won a prize amount and in order to claim it you should call back on the given number and mention a lottery number ‘xyz’.
  • They may alternatively also drop a message on your WhatsApp number from a number having a profile picture of the KBC logo, with a picture asking you to call back on the head office number to claim your prize money.
  • Once you call on that number, they tempt you with a cash reward and once you are hooked, they either ask you for a processing fee to be paid to a bank account to claim the prize money or they may also ask you your sensitive personal financial details on the call, in order to defraud you.
  • They may also use tactics like showing you their office or sending photos of a lot of cash bundles to gain your trust.
  • Once they receive these banking details or the processing fee, they will block you.

Car lottery modus:

  • The fraudster will make a call and tell you that you have been chosen as a lucky one and have received a brand new car as a prize.
  • Further, he will mention that for transporting the car to you, he will have to cross a lot of state borders and will require an advance payment to pay for the border tolls, freight as well as fuel.
  • The person will make an advance payment to claim his car and the fraudster will then block him.


  • Don’t share any personal sensitive details over a call.
  • Do not receive or respond to suspicious or unsolicited calls or text messages. Remember, if you have never taken part in a lucky draw contest, you will never even win it.
  • Remember no contest asks you to pay a processing fee or an advance payment before receiving the money. Don’t fall for the trap.
  • Do not click on any unknown links within an email or a message or visit suspicious websites.
  • Verify the number on caller-identification apps to check whether the other users have reported it as a spam or fraud.
  • Report any unsolicited call/s on your mobile phone displaying an international calling code, on the toll-free number — 1800110420 or 1963, a helpline number opened by all the telecom service providers (TSPs).
  • Change your privacy setting in WhatsApp to make sure that people who aren’t in your contact list cannot see your profile picture, status and last seen.
  • Report any suspicious incident to your nearest police station as well as on

Stay safe. Stay quarantined. Stay away from fake lottery scams and phishing calls.


Report any cybercrime at

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