Building kindness and compassion : Corona Chronicle #132

A man had called him to ask if he can help him with a room to keep his luggage because he was shifting to his village.

The COVID-19 lockdown made it really hard for him.

It hit him really hard that there might be many people who are in dire need of rooms or shelter.

The hard times might be giving people terrible days.

He decided that the new building he had built was empty.

The flats could be given to people to live there and spend their hard days.

He was a builder and he spread the word on the social media immediately.

In just a few hours, he had so many queries regarding it and in search of shelter.

He takes Rupees 1500 from each family but only to provide the necessities like WIFI, water supply and some other facilities. 

There are 42 families living there as of now.

There are 92 flats in the building and he is determined to help anyone who is in need of shelter.

He has not forced anyone to leave the house at a fixed time.

They can stay there for as long as they want.

The builder believes that this is his chance to pay back the society and community by helping them amid the current problems.

He is a Surat based builder and his name is Prakash Bhalani.

Building kindness and compassion.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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