Cops are like coconuts, hard outside, soft inside : Corona Chronicle #128

He was sitting in a chair and talking on the phone.

A monkey came jumping around looking at the banana in his hand.

He looked at the monkey and his sympathy for him was appreciated.

The video went viral all over the social media and has been shared so many times. 

The best thing about the video was that the police official started feeding the monkey.

The banana was the main reason the monkey got attracted.

The monkey did not have both his hand and it would be tough for him to have food and that is why the police officer fed him with his hand. People have been praising the police official for his chivalry and his condolences.

A number of videos of police officials have been circulating as the tough times of COVID -19 has put everyone in their houses.

This police official became a messiah for the ones who are sympathetic towards not only humans but even animals.

Cops are like coconuts, hard outside, soft inside.

Disclaimer : Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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