A new beginning with 9 lives : Corona Chronicle #123

He was very upset when he came back home.

He cried a lot sitting in the veranda.

He had gone out to take a few things for his mother amid the COVID- 19 lockdown.

His gooseberry plant that he nurtured for the past 2 years was gone.

Only the trunk of the plant was remaining and it hurt him a lot.

His sister came out and tried to console him but her try went in vain.

He stopped crying after a while because he remembered something.

He asked for the phone from her sister to play games and went in the other room.

He searched WhatsApp and finally found the contact who had a picture of a lady in a police uniform.

It was one of the teachers of his sister.

He thought that she is a police officer so he called her and cried again.

Her heart melted and she gave him a new number of “Chiri” which means smile.

It was a tele counseling initiative of the Kerela government to help children for maintaining their mental well being during these hard times of COVID-19.

He called them up and cried his heart out.

The officer felt so bad for the child that he discussed the case with a senior official.

The Inspector General of Police P Vijayan, gave an order to the officers to gift the child some saplings.

The very next day, the family was in shock when police officers came to their house but their astonishment grew more when they saw 9 new saplings in their hands.

They helped him plant all those in his veranda and is now very excited.

When his news was shown on the media, a CCTV company named Smart Guard in Kochi came forward and gifted him a CCTV camera so that he can keep an eye on his new saplings.

His family had no idea about his contact with the “Chiri” officers or the police.

They knew he was upset but they did not realise what he went through.

He is just 12 years old and studies in the 6th standard.

His name is Pavan Nash.

A new beginning with 9 lives!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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