The power to overcome it lies within bravery : Corona Chronicle #126

While he had gone to US, the COVID-19 pandemic had already hit the world.

When he came back to Mumbai, he was screened but he had no symptoms yet.

After a few days, he got fever but he thought it was because of the travelling and he took a paracetamol.

The fever was still there the next day so he decided to go to a local physician who said that it was only fever and he can take some medicines after which the fever was under control too.

His wife was scared but he calmed her by saying it might just be fever.

The next day when he went to his office, his throat went dry and he started shivering because of high fever.

He was also unable to breathe.

His colleagues were terrified but had to be with him.

All the symptoms started showing at once and it happened just within an hour.

He went back home and went to the physician to seek help.

The physician now suspected that he had COVID-19.

He went to Kasturba Hospital where they checked his travel history and admitted him for testing.

After almost 24 hours, his results came positive.

His wife and his daughters were brought in for testing too.

His daughters were 7 and 3 years old.

His wife and his younger daughter also tested positive.

His heart broke and he was really upset that he was the one because of whom his family was in danger.

He said that his family was still there to provide emotional and mental support to go through it.

A sudden twist of fate took place and his condition started deteriorating.

He was put on ventilator and was shifted to Jaslok Hospital.

He was on ventilator for the next six days, waiting for the nightmare to get over.

The good thing was that he was responding well to the medication and he was getting better with every passing second.

He was finally discharged after 18 days and testing negative.

His wife had been discharged the previous day and his previous angel was the toughest one.

She had fought with the virus in 10 days itself and went back to her older sister.

The doctor told him that his toddler was not at all scared and fought the virus with bravery which was lacking in even older people.

He feels so proud of her and he said there is nothing to be afraid of and fear will be detrimental.

The need to panic is unnecessary and taking care of yourself is very important.

He was just 37 years old.

The power to overcome it lies within bravery.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal               

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