Social distancing starts, distance from family ends : Corona Chronicle #138

After passing his high school in 1995, he wanted to do something big.

His hopes were high and his dreams even higher.

He ran away from his house without informing and he went to Delhi, he did some menial jobs in a few companies.

When he felt Delhi was not the place for him, he went to Himachal Pradesh and learnt gardening there.

In Himachal Pradesh too, the hunger of doing something big was not satisfied, so he went to Gujarat where he worked as an electrician.

24 years had passed by since he had run away from house but the memories of those days, he would never forget.

He often used to miss his parents and those two loving brothers he had.

When the lockdown due to COVID-19 was imposed, he thought maybe he should give it a try and find his family.

He remembered the old address of his house.

He just missed them too much now.

He applied for a pass and started towards his home town.

When he reached there, no one could recognise him.

Residents including the head Ganesh Kumar, inquired him about his identity.

They were all in shock to hear the names he said.

They were so surprised that after 24 years, he had finally returned back home.

They called his mother up and the happiness on her face was so pure.

She had tears in her eyes and just couldn’t believe whom she saw in front of her.

She kept on asking him if it’s him only and it just made her whole life.

Both his brothers were so happy and couldn’t begin to explain their pleasure.

His father had passed away but looking at his mother, he was so excited.

He was in the compulsory 14 day quarantine facility in a school where he had finished his studies and was be soon able to live with his family.

He has applied for MNREGA job and card which might will come sooner than expected.

He now says he will never leave his family and go anywhere ever again.

His name is Prakash Singh Karki and he is now 43 years old.

His mom is 68 years old and her name is Bachuli Devi.

Social distancing starts, distance from family ends.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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