Terror Groups of The World – W

India Crime Data Centre researched the terror, insurgent, sepretist group list. This is onging project and our team is still in process to collect more data and update the list.

If you have any data releted to the terror groups, share it in the comment box with us. We will evaluate the details / data and update as soon as possible.

Vivek Agrawal
Group Editor

Waffen SS – Latvia

Wahdah Islamiyah

Wahhabi Movement

Wali ur-Rehman Group

Wall Street Bomber


Waltraud Boock Group

Wanita Islam

War Against Niger Delta Exploitation (WANDE) – Nigeria (Niger Delta Region)

War That Was Never Declared

Warlocks Motorcycle Club

Washington State Militia

We Save Uganda Now (SUN)

We Who Built Sweden

Weather Underground Organization (WUO) / Weathermen

Weather Underground, Weathermen

Werewolf Commando

West Nile Bank Front (WNBF)

West Side Boys – Sierra Leon

West Timor Militias

West Virginia Mountaineer Militia

Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)

Western European Bloodline (WEB)

Western Somalia Liberation Front

Westland New Post (WNP)

White Army – South Sudan

White Aryan Resistance – Sweden

White Aryan Resistance (WAR) – Indiana

White Flags

White Guard – Mexico

White Headbands

White Helmets

White Justice

White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

White Legion – Ecuador

White Legion – Georgia

White Liberation Army – South Africa

White Nationalist Party – United Kingdom

White Order of Thule

White Panther Party

White Patriot Party (WPP)

White Pride Coalition (WPC)

White Revolution

White Widow: Samantha Lewthwaite (al Shabaab) – INDIVIDUAL PROFILE

White Wolves – South Africa

White Wolves – United Kingdom

Wild Cats

Wild Geese of the Cities

William Maksum Network

Wit Kommando

Wolves of Islam

Wolves of Vukovar

Woolwich Hackers

Worker Autonomy, Continuous Struggle

Worker Counterpower

Workers Army for a Welsh Republic (WAWR)

Worker’s Brigade

Workers Brigade for Communism

Workers’ Forces of Liberation

Workers’ Organization for Communism

Workers Power – Italy

Workers’ Revolutionary Party – Bolivia

Workers’ Self-Defense Movement (MAO)

Working People’s Alliance (WPA)

World Church of the Creator

World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY)

World Islamic Jihad Group – Yemen

World Muslim League

World Punishment Organization

World Tamil Movement (WTM)

World Uighur Youth Congress

World United Formosans for Independence

World Uygur Youth Congress

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