Terror Groups of The World – Y

India Crime Data Centre researched the terror, insurgent, sepretist group list. This is onging project and our team is still in process to collect more data and update the list.

If you have any data releted to the terror groups, share it in the comment box with us. We will evaluate the details / data and update as soon as possible.

Vivek Agrawal
Group Editor

Yahya Ayyash Brigades

Yakariya Bango Insurgent Group

Yamaguchi-Gumi Gang

Yanikian Commandos

Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade

Yarmuk Jamaat (KBK)


Yazbik Revolutionary Organization

Yellow Organization of Air Force Officers (SYOAFO)

Yellow Wasps

Yemen Islamic Jihad

Yemen Jannubi Group

Yemen Tribesmen

Yich Telga

Yimchunger Liberation Front (YLF)

Yokoku Seiwa-Kai

Young Brigade of Navarro

Young Communist League – Nepal

Young Cuba

Young Cubans

Young Liberators of Pattani

Young Lords Party

Young Officer Union of the New Generation and Reformist Armed Forces of the Philippines (YOU-RAFP)

Young Patriots – Ivory Coast

Young Pioneers (MYP) – Malawi

Youth Action Group – France

Youth for Revolution – South Africa

Youth Movement for Change (YMC)

Youth of Islamic Awakening – Jordan

Youths of Ali Movement – Lebanon

Youths of the Star

YPI al Azhar

YPJ (Women’s Protection Unit)

Yusuf bin Tashfin Brigade Yusufiyya groups in Nigeria

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