A true man behind a woman’s success : Corona Chronicle #127

He has studied only till the third grade and when he heard his wife wants to study further, he did not think twice and just asked her to study.

She studied every day and did the household work too.

He said that he hasn’t studied but he will do anything for her studying further.

She wanted to become a teacher and for that she had to give ab exam – Diploma in Elementary Education (DELED) exam.

That exam was to be conducted from September 1st to September 11th.

He would’ve taken a train from Jasidih which is the nearest train station from Godda to Delhi but that was tough due to the lockdown.

Then from Delhi, another train would take them to Gwalior.

Only one train was running on the route in a week.

The only way they could reach Gwalior was by road now.

His family was suggesting him not to do that but he did not listen.

Cars and other transportation would be expensive for him.

He asked his wife to take her clothes and pack them because he will do anything for her to take the exam.

She was seven months pregnant but he knew he wanted a better future for the three of them.

He pawned his wife’s jewellery and took Rupees 10,000.

They sat on a scooter and went on their journey.

When they left they realised that the condition of the road was terrible.

He was worried for his wife and the new life inside her but he still kept going at a slow pace but they somehow reached Lucknow.

He asked her to cover her mouth and sit on the scoot so that she did not get dizzy.

They were scared so they booked a Lodge for their night stay in Muzzafarpur.

On their second night, they found no Lodge or hotel so they spread their raincoats under a neem tree near a toll plaza and slept there.

There were many more people who were sleeping there.

When they reached Gwalior, her health deteriorated.

She had mild fever and they were really upset because she might not be able to give the exam if she started having cough.

However, after taking a medicine and drinking hot water, she felt fine and she could give the exam.

For the first time his scooter consumed petrol worth Rupees 3,500. After the exams, they will return back home the same way they came but with way more strength.

It took them 3 days to cover 1200 kilometres to give an exam.

He was a chef in Ahmedabad before lockdown and had returned home.

A true man behind a woman’s success.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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