Do not touch or remove the object unless you are duty bound.
Do not open the package. Do not puncture package.
Do not submerge packet into water.
Do not accept identification marks on its face value.
Do not pass metallic object over the package.
Do not direct flash light directly over the suspected object.
Do not cut the strings or wire.
Do not bring suspected device in security control room or police station. Always remove the people and not the bomb from scene.
Do not attempt to open the baggage by hand.
Don’t be a dead-hero.
You can reconstruct a building or house but you cannot recreate a dead man alive.


Do evacuate people immediately to a safe distance.
Open all windows & doors.
Place sand bags around the suspected object.
Inform bomb disposal squad.
Inform fire brigade, Hospital & Ambulance.
Courtesy: https://mumbaipolice.maharashtra.gov.in/dosanddonts.asp

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