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VIVEK AGRAWAL, a journalist of more then 3 decades of vast experience in the field of crime, defense, legal & terrorism in all the dimensions of media. Since 1985, he actively started writing as a freelancer for the local, state & national newspapers and earned good name in the united Madhya Pradesh.

His career in the mainstream newspapers started in 1992 with Hindi tabloid ‘Hamara Mahanagar’ at Mumbai. In 1993, joined Hindi national newspaper ‘Jansatta’ as a crime reporter.  He broke many big time stories in both the newspapers.

His broadcast media journalism days started with India’s First Views Channel ‘Janmat’ (Live India) as Bureau Head, Maharashtra-Goa. He was part of the team of channel ‘Mi Mrathi’. Then joined ‘India TV’ as an investigative journalist.

Vivek Agrawal joined as State Head with ‘News Express’. He cracked many stories of Mumbai Mafia, Terrorism, Financial Crimes and Homeland Security all these days.

He is now focusing on writing and documentary projects, consulting print and electronic media houses to establish & run news businesses with right directions and high esteem.

He is offering his services as a news broadcast channel / newspaper / magazine setup professional to news assessment editor to various new establishments across the nation.

32 books on true crime and other serious subjects written by Vivek. He is the country’s first and only researcher-true crime writer in Hindi language.

His books ‘Mumbhai‘ and ‘Mumbhai Returns‘ created quite a stir in the publishing industry and content field. The book ‘Mumbhai’ won the Maharashtra State Hindi Sahitya Akademi Award 2018 in Journalism Catagory. In the same year ‘Mumbhai’ stood #1 in the non-fiction category in the Jagran-Nielsen survey.

The novel Dattatraya Lodge stood 2nd in the Maharashtra Sahitya Academy, Jainendra Kumar Award 2021-22 in the Novel category.

His one of the bestselling book Bombay Bar translated into Punjabi.

He was Chief Content Coordinator for Documentary Money Mafia Season 3 on Discovery Plus.

He is into creative writing for the Films, TV Shows and Web Series. Scripted 2 films, many short films, TV Shows.

Many Web Series projects are underway based on his books or concepts. Not only Crime, Mafia, Terrorism, Mysteries, Social Crimes, Economic Crimes but Social & Entertaining subjects are also procured by studios / production houses. 

Unique and startling concepts and stories for the entertainment shows are his strength.


32] Racer: Mafia Series: Seventh novel in a series based on the perilous life & facets of the underworld. The racing events taking place at the Mahalakshmi Racecourse in Mumbai, the chaos, murders, and illegal gambling surrounding it, have stirred up a storm. Amidst the cunning plots of politicians, builders, and the underworld to seize the land of the racecourse and construct commercial complexes, suddenly murders shakes up the country. Who is behind all this? The novel “Racer” tears through the veils of mysteries to present a raw image of truth. Published by The India Ink, December 2023.

31] Agle Janam Bedni Na Kijo: Agle Janam Bedni Na Kijo encapsulates the grim malefactions and transgressions entrenched within Indian society. This tome delves profoundly into the enduring practices of the Bedia community, where male kin assume the role of agents, coercing their daughters and sisters into the harrowing occupation of prostitution. Agle Janam Bedni Na Kijo stands as a meticulously researched chronicle, delving into the anguished lives and predicaments of these girls belonging to the Bedia community. Published by The India Ink, November 2023.

30] Barbandagi: (The second part of the Book BARBANDI) This book reveals the secrets of dance bars and bar establishments, especially in Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai, despite the prohibition on their illegal operations. Published by The India Ink, October 2023.

29] Red Beret: The Daring Exploits and Ingenious Plots of the Special Forces Covert Unit ‘Red Beret,’ Formed by the Indian Intelligence Agency to Unearth 22 Lethal Assassination Attempts on the Indian Prime Minister by Amarican covert agency CIA. Published by The India Ink, June 2023.

28] Limbu Mirchi: A Collection of Short Stories Presents a Array of Topics and Characters. Its Short Stories Offer Candid Satire and Witty Commentary on Social Ills. Published by The India Ink, May 2023.

27] Chakarghinni: A Comic Novel Blending Humor and Crime World. The Story Parallels the Film’s Plot, Involving an Inspector’s Intricate Maneuvers to Apprehend a Mumbai Don and His Gang. Published by The India Ink, May 2023.

26] Khaki Gangwar: An Anti-Corruption Bureau mission to clean the system costs everything to an honest IPS. Published by The India Ink 2023 February.

25] Dashgreev: Spinechilling story of a historic Psycho Sex Killer transformed into the modern era with Indian background. Published by The India Ink in 2022.

24] Highway Mafia: Exposing the underworld of highways of India. Unseen & unheard facts, stories & photographs of highway gangs are part of this chronicle. Published by The India Ink in 2022.

23] Financer: Mafia Series: Literary impression of a big time diamond merchant of India and his close nexus with Mafia Bosses. Published by The India Ink in 2022.

22] Insider: Mafia Series: Mafia Series: Literary impression of a Mole of Mumbai Underworld in the Bollywood and love story of a Don & Super Star Actress. Published by The India Ink in 2022.

21] Freelancer: Mafia Series: Literary impression of a Gateway Car Driver of Mumbai Underworld. Published by The India Ink in 2021.

20] Professor: Mafia Series: Literary impression of a Master Forger of Mumbai Underworld. Published by The India Ink in 2021.

19] Striker: Mafia Series: Literary impression of a Contract Killer of Mumbai Underworld. Published by The India Ink in 2021.

18] Cleaner: Mafia Series: Literary impression of a gang of murder site cleaners and dead body caretakers of Mumbai Underworld. Published by The India Ink in 2021. [FEATURE FILM SOON]

17] Raktgandh: Underworld Ke Raktranjit Shabdchitr: A story collection based on Mumbai Underworld. This is first of its kind book of literary impressions of mafia stories in Hindi. Published by The India Ink in 2021.

16] Codes Decoded: Aatankiyon Ka Bharat Virodhi Game: Part 2 of book Codes, Published by The India Ink in 2021.

15] Codes: Aatankiyon Ka Bharat Virodhi Game: Published by The India Ink in 2021.

14] Barbandi: 360-degree view of bar ban in Maharashtra. Politics, economics, social aspects, criminal nexus of dance bars with the factors and reasons for the ban imposed by the government are discussed in detail. Published by The India Ink in 2020.

13] Duttatray Lodge: Based on strugglers of Mumbai film industry. Published by The India Ink in 2020.

12] Underworld Ke 4 Ikke: Based on top 4 Mafiosi bosses, Lallu Jogi, Haji Mirza Mastan, Kareem Lala & Varadrajan Mudliar life and crimes. Co-authored with veteran crime journalist Mr. Baljeet Parmar. By Rajkamal Prakashan in 2019

11] Underworld Dane: 2nd book of five book series of rare, true, interesting & funny facts and small stories of Mumbai Mafia.eBook / print by The India Ink in 2019

10] Underworld Bullets: Based on rare, true, interesting & funny facts and stories of Mumbai Mafia. eBook / print by The India Ink in 2019

09] Achoot Kutta: Story collection based on wicked traditions of the world. eBook by The India Ink in 2019

08] Ansu: Novel based on sexual assault on male child. eBook by The India Ink in 2019

07] Muthbhed: Literary impression oftrue events & encounter of bandit Ghanshayam Kevat alias Ghansu Dakait at Jamouli Village of District Chitrkoot, UP in 2015. eBook / print by The India Ink in 2019

06] Narak Sarhad Par: Non-Fiction Hindi True Life book based on an Indian spy, who spent 11 years in 3 jails of enemy country Pakistan. eBook / print by The India Ink in 2019

05] Bombay Bar – Chitke To Fatke: Based on true & interesting stories of Mumbai bargirls. 13 genuine stories of bar dancers and waitress. By Rajkamal Prakashan in January 2018. Translated in Punjabi.

04] Adrishy: Novel based on feature film Adrishy, a first in the history of Hindi Literature arena and Indian film industry. The screenplay & dialogs of the film written jointly with Ms. Alka Agrawal. Book published & launched on 29th July 2018 by KK Publications, Delhi. eBook by The India Ink. Film India released on 3rd August 2018.

03] Khel Khallas: Based on thrilling true life and times of underworld lords, lieutenants, contract killers, who lived with bullets and died with bullets. By Story Mirror on 15 July 2017.

02] MumBhai Returns: Sequel of book MumBhai. Covers untold stories of Mumbai underworld. Features rare exclusive photograph of Don Ali Budesh aka Baba Bahrain. By Vani Prakashan in 2016)

01] MumBhai: Based on Mumbai Mafia. Features rare and exclusive first photograph after 1986 of Mafiosi boss Dawood Ibrahim from his Karachi home. By Vani Prakashan in November 2015.


01] Rangkalam: Drama Collection

02] Dil Hi To Hai: Poetry Collection of Shakeel Akhter


1] Bambaz – The Underworld of Allahabad: The frenzy of bomb-makers in Allahabad is something the country and the world have never witnessed before. A comprehensive document of the 70-year history of the Allahabad underworld. Co-Author: Indrajeet Singh

2] CHO62: The True Account of the Life of a Daring Inspector who Eliminated 246 Dangerous Criminals in Uttar Pradesh: The real chronicle of the fearless inspector who confronted and defeated deadly gangsters in Uttar Pradesh.

3] Mumbai Mafia Dictionery: A comprehensive treasury of the language, terms, idioms, expressions, and codewords of the Mumbai underworld, a compilation that no one has ever dared to create till date.”

4] BarBandgi: (Part Two of BarBandi book) Unveiling the Secrets Despite the ban on Dabce bars: A revealing documentation of the operations of dance bars and bar patrons, particularly in Maharashtra and Mumbai, despite the ban on such establishments.

5] Underworld Capsules: Intriguing Untold Stories of the Mumbai Underworld: The third book in the Underworld Bullets series, containing fascinating, lesser-known tales of the Mumbai underworld.


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01] Adrishya (Availabel on Amazon Prime)

02] Insp. Khatri – The Case Of Doctor’s Wife (for Zee TeleFilms)

More titles will hit the stands shortly.

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