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Where should you register your complaint?

  • Even if the crime is committed in an area beyond the limits of any police station, a complainant cannot be forced to go to the concerned police station. You can get your complaint registered at any police station. It is the duty of the police station to send your complaint to concerned police station.
  • After registering a complaint of a cognizable offence, insist on a copy of FIR, free of cost.
  • In case of non-cognizable offences, the police do not have a right to investigate the complaint without the orders of the Court. However, your complaint must be recorded and a receipt given at police station.
    Where to register a complaint when an offence is committed within the limits of railways?
  • When an offence is committed either within the jurisdiction of the railway or in a running train, it is necessary to register a complaint at the concerned railway police station.
  • “Mobile Police stations” have also been established in some long distance trains. Hence, a complaint of an offence committed in these running trains can be lodged at the Mobile Police Station. Besides this, necessary arrangement to lodge a complaint with the Guards is also available on long distance trains.
  • What to do if your complaint is not being registered at a Police Station?
  • At first, please meet Senior Inspector of the Police Station. If the problem persists, meet Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of your Division, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of your Zone or Additional Commissioner of Police of your Region. Names, addresses and phone numbers of all these officers have been given on this site.


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