Drugs: 120 kgs Heroin smuggled from Pakistan seized by ATS Gujarat, International cartel busted

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Ahamdabad, 14 November 2021

ATS Gujarat seized 120 kgs Heroin worth Rs. 600 Crore smuggled from Pakistan.

It is constant endeavor of the heroin cartels from Pakistan to smuggle heroin in India through Gujarat coast. In past few years there are continuous attempts by these cartels. to use Gujarat coast due to its proximity to Pakistan as a landing point for heroin.

Most common modus- operandi of the Pakistani and Iranian heroin smugglers is to deliver the heroin to Indian counterparts at notional Indo-Pak International Maritime Boundary Line, which is supposed to be brought to the coast and further transported to the destination. However, Gujarat Police has been successful in neutralizing all such attempts made, and all the consignments sent by these cartels have been successfully seized and accused persons arrested.

Interrogations and investigation have revealed that various geopolitical reasons are responsible for this surge in number of attempts being made through Gujarat Coast.

Gujarat Police is determined to counter such attempts in future also, as the continuous seizure of all these consignment and arrests of accused persons will create effective deterrence and break the back of these cartels.

On 14.11.2021, On the actionable intelligence provided by Shri K. K. Patel, DYSP ATS Gujarat that Mukhtar Hussein alias Jabbar Jodiya and Ghulam Bhagad residents of Jamnagar and Salaya have brought narcotic substances through the sea route and that they are going to assemble in the night at the house of Shamsuddin Husseinmiya Saiyyed located near the Dargah of Kotawala Pir in Jinjuda village of Maliya-Miyana in Morbi district.

Based on this information, a team of ATS Gujarat had raided the under-construction house belonging to Shamsuddin Husseinmiya Saiyyed alias Pirzada Bapu, located near the Dargah of Kotawala Pir in Jinjuda village of Maliya-Miyana, Morbi district.

Based on this information, the ATS Gujarat team led by DYSP Bhavesh P Rojiya raided the house and successfully recovered 120 kgs of heroin with an estimated international value of Rs. 600 Crores.

Three accused persons were apprehended by the ATS team are as under:

1) Mukhtar Hussein alias Jabbar Jodiya s/o Haji Nurmuhammad Rav, resident of Jodiya, Jamnagar,

2) Shamsuddin Husseinmiya Saiyyed, resident of Jinjuda, Morbi and

3) Ghulamhussein Umar Bhagad, resident of Salaya, Devbhumi Dwarka

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the consignment of heroin was brought by Mukhtar Hussein alias Jabbar Jodiya and Ghulam Bhagad via the sea route where they had received delivery from a Pakistani boat.

This drug consignment was sent by Zahid Bashir Baloch, resident of Pakistan who is a wanted absconder in the earlier seizure of 227kg of heroin done by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence in 2019.

It has been ascertained in the investigation that Isa Rav, brother of Mukhtar Hussein alias Jabbar Jodiya s/o Haji Nurmuhammad Rav was in contact with Zahid Bashir Baloch and had exchanged the coordinated for the delivery of the narcotic drugs in the sea.

As per their predecided communication, the delivery of drugs was done at 23:28:100 N and 67:40:100 E in the last week of October 2021.

This narcotic consignment was initially hidden in the coastal region near Salaya and was subsequently moved to the location near the Dargah of Kotawala Pir in Jinjuda village of Maliya- Miyana in Morbi district.

As in most of the past cases where the conspiracies have been hatched in the middle east, the conspiracy in this case was also hatched in the Somali Canteen of United Arab Emirates.

This consignment of heroin was to behanded over to the Indian smugglers to be transported to an African country. The normal modus operandi of the narcotic smugglers from Pakistan and Iran are to use their Indian counterparts to transport the drugs to their conduits.

The Indian dhows are used for transporting drugs in the international waters as it would not cause suspicion to coast guards and navies of other countries.

However, in the present case it has been revealed that the accused persons apprehended by Gujarat ATS had decided to divert and misappropriate the consignment intended for Africa to India and to sell the drugs to various buyers in India.

The accused persons, Ghulamhussein Umar Bhagad and Mukhtar Hussein alias Jabbar Jodiya have criminal anticidents including involvement in various criminal cases registered in Gujarat.

It would be pertinent to note here that the accused Mukhtar Hussein alias Jabbar Jodiya s/o Haji Nurmuhammad Rav is a notorious smuggler with close connections to various international cartels and had been apprehended by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency last year when he had docked his boat in Karachi, Pakistan sighting ‘engine problems’ and then had been let off by the Pakistani agencies.


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