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CYBER CRIMES: Don’t Fall for the Scam: U.P. Board Warns Students of Fake Grade Boosters

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New Delhi, April 5, 2024

With exams looming large, stress levels tend to rise for both students and parents.  This year, the Uttar Pradesh Board (U.P. Board) is taking a proactive stance to warn students of a cunning scam targeting them during this vulnerable time.

The Board has issued a strong warning to Class 10 and 12 students about cybercriminals who are posing as facilitators promising inflated exam scores in exchange for money. 

These “grade boosters” are nothing more than a deceptive ploy to exploit anxieties surrounding exams and steal hard-earned funds.

Beware the Bait and Switch

Dibyakant Shukla, Secretary of the U.P. Board, has urged students and parents to be wary of such fraudulent attempts. 

He advises against engaging with these criminals in any way, emphasizing that responding to their calls or messages only emboldens them.

Taking a Stand Against Cheating

The U.P. Board has a proven track record of cracking down on such scams.

In the past, they have registered FIRs (First Information Reports) against perpetrators, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to conducting examinations and evaluations with integrity.

Their mission is to ensure a level playing field for all students, free from the influence of cheating or manipulation.

Fraudsters Prey on Fear

These scammers exploit the anxieties surrounding exams, particularly the fear of failing or performing poorly. 

They target students and parents directly, playing on these emotions to coerce them into parting with money under false pretenses.

The U.P. Board Fights Back

Understanding the seriousness of this situation, especially with the large number of students registered for the 2024 exams, the U.P. Board has launched a dedicated campaign to educate and protect both students and parents. 

This campaign aims to raise awareness about the scam and equip students and families with the knowledge to identify and avoid these deceptive tactics.

Here’s How to Stay Safe

Ignore Scam Calls and Messages: Don’t engage with these fraudsters in any way. Simply delete the message or hang up the phone.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you receive a call or message offering inflated grades for money, report it to the U.P. Board or the nearest district inspector of schools’ office.

Trust the Official Process: The U.P. Board conducts examinations with fairness and integrity.  Focus on studying diligently and putting in your best effort – that’s the only recipe for success.

By working together, the U.P. Board, students, and parents can create a safe and secure environment for upcoming exams. 

Remember, your hard work and dedication are the only keys you need to unlock success. Don’t be fooled by the empty promises of scammers.


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