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CYBER CRIMES: Jammu Cyber Cell Scores Victory Against Fraudsters, Recovers Stolen Funds!

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New Delhi, April 5, 2024

The Jammu District Police’s Cyber Cell has emerged victorious in the battle against cybercrime!

In a recent case, they successfully recovered a significant portion of stolen funds, demonstrating their dedication to protecting citizens from online threats.

Swift Action, Big Results

A victim of financial fraud reported a loss of Rs. 94,500. However, thanks to the swift intervention and diligent efforts of the Cyber Cell Dpo Jammu, a whopping Rs. 86,922 was retrieved.

This swift action prevented the fraudulent transaction from being completed and secured the return of a major portion of the stolen money.

A Call for Vigilance

SSP Jammu, Dr. Vinod Kumar, has emphasized the importance of public awareness in the fight against cybercrime.

He urges citizens to remain vigilant against online threats and report any suspicious activity promptly.

Two key resources for reporting are the national helpline and the Cyber Cell DPO Jammu.

Empowering the Public

The Jammu District Police is committed to providing citizens with the tools they need to stay safe online.

They encourage the public to utilize online platforms for lodging cyber complaints.

Additionally, reporting lost or stolen mobile devices is crucial, as these devices can be used by criminals to perpetrate fraud.

Technology and Training: A Winning Combination

The success of the Jammu Cyber Cell lies in its strategic approach.

By combining advanced technology with well-trained personnel, they are demonstrably effective in combating cybercrime.

This dedication and expertise offer peace of mind to Jammu residents and highlight the importance of investing in robust cyber security measures.


Stay vigilant online.

Report suspicious activity to the national helpline or Cyber Cell DPO Jammu.

Utilize online platforms for lodging cyber complaints and reporting lost or stolen mobile devices.

By working together, we can create a safer online environment for everyone.

The Jammu Cyber Cell’s success story serves as an inspiration for all law enforcement agencies to prioritize cybercrime prevention and empower citizens to protect themselves online.


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