Faisal Hasan Mirza hired by D-Company to smuggle gold & sent to Pak terror camp

India Crime News Team

Mumbai, May 28, 2018

  • Faisal Hasan Mirza is arrested by the Gujrat Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) on May 10, 2018 for allegedly plotting a terror attack in the states.
  • It is also claimed that Faisal took arms training in Pakistan under the ISI trainers.
  • Police officials says that Faisal was allegedly called to Sharjah as a carrier for gold smuggling by a distant relative, Farooq Davediwala, before he was sent for training.
  • Farooq is accused in a bomb blast case in Gujarat.
  • Farooq is a close associate of gangsters Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel.
  • Farooq handles D-Company’s business of gold smuggling and recruiting candidates for terror camps in Pakistan.
  • Police sources said that for past few months, Faisal was in continuous touch with Farooq, who knew that Faisal was struggling financially.
  • Police officials says that in January 2018, Faisal was lured with money and sent to Sharjah for an assignment — smuggling gold to India.
  • ATS claims that when he got there, he was “brainwashed” by Farooq for a week.
  • It is also claimed that Faisal then was sent to Pakistan for terror training.
  • After the completion of the training, Faisal was sent back to India and asked to stand by till next orders.
  • Farooq is operating gold smuggling racket and recruiting Indian youths as carriers.
  • Once youngsters agree to carry out gold carrier job, Farooq later tries to convince them to go for terror training in Pakistan.
  • An ATS officer said, “Farooq is luring youths from poor families with cash.”
  • When Faisal reached Pakistan, he was trained for suicide bombing and lone-wolf attacks.

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