किताब: फाईनेंसर: अंडरवर्ल्ड के खतरनाक पेशे पर केंद्रित उपन्यास (माफिया सिरीज)

हमारी कहानी का नायक रजत कपूर अंडरवर्ल्ड का फाइनेंसर है।

फाईनेंसर का हर किरदार आपको आसपास का ही महसूस होगा क्योंकि ये वाकई जीवंत किरदारों से लिए हैं। हमारा डायमंड किंग रजत कपूर, फिल्म तारिका शिवाया, उसका जीजा अदीब, डॉन दानिश और जगन समेत तमाम किरदार हमारी दुनिया के हिस्से हैं।

फाईनेंसर का मुख्य किरदार रजत कपूर देश का सबसे बड़ा हीरा उद्योगपति है। वह ब्लड डायमंड का विश्व के सबसे बड़े खिलाड़ियों में से एक है। सोने-चांदी की तस्करी में भी उसका हाथ है। अपनी चमकती-दमकती दुनिया बनाए व बचाए रखने के लिए उसने मायाजाल और इंद्रजाल बना रखा है।

वह माफिया की मदद से कारोबार करता है, भ्रष्ट अफसरों-नेताओं के जरिए सिस्टम में पैठ बना कर काले को सफेद में तब्दील करता है। दुनिया के हर भ्रष्ट देश में रजत की जड़ें जरूर हैं।

अपना काम निकालने और लाभ बढ़ाने के लिए वह ड्रग्स और स्मॉल आर्म्स तस्करी से भी परहेज नहीं रखता। कैसे चलता है फाईनेंसरों के खेल और अंडरवर्ल्ड का खूनी संसार, इस किताब में बेपर्दा होकर सामने आता है। इसमें देश और दुनिया में चल रहे काले कारोबारों का भंडाफोड़ किया है।

वह अपने तरीके से जिंदगी जीने में भरोसा करता है लेकिन क्या वाकई वह अपने अंदाज में जीवन बिता पाता है?

फाइनेंसर रजत की जिंदगी में भी उथल-पुथल मची ही रहती है। क्या रजत कपूर शांत, सुरक्षित, आनंदपूर्ण जिंदगी जी सका?


The story of underworld FINANCER is full of action, suspense, emotions and drama. He is a world famous diamantaire and film financer / producer of Bollywood.

This is story of lust of a don for film actress.

It’s a story of rivalry between don and his departed second-in-command, where all the connected-once were either harassed or killed.

It’s a story of making huge profits using gold, blood diamonds, small arms, drugs smuggling by financer for mafiosi boss.

It’s a story if deceit web of financial institutions and companies, used by financers of the underworld.

Rajat is 55, looks 35, fit and handsome man. Wears Armani suits, Swiss watches, French shoes, expensive sunglasses and perfumes. He is fond of Hawaiian cigars. He drinks and serve his guests best and most expensive liquor of the world.

He is a proud owner of 35 feet yacht, 20-seater plane, double floored gothic styled 400 years old bungalow, 100-acre farm with 25 rooms palatal house in Daman with hundreds of trees of mango, coconut, betel.

His jewelry brand Due Diamonds comes up with an expensive calendar of best 12 models of India. He patronises models and glam sham of film industry. His star-studded parties are famous in the page 3 circle and all the bigwigs, politicians, officials attend it.

He runs biggest moneylending setup in the world and provide services to corrupt politicians, officers, godmen, criminal, cartel, share traders, jewelers.

Rajat is close friend of don Danish Badshah. He also handles finance of Bhau Bhai.

He illegally imports or smuggle the blood diamonds from Antwerp and North African countries. Film and entertainment business is just a money laundering front for him. All the big bankers are his friend and they issue Letters of Credit (LOC) of thousands of crores worth, which Rajat invest illegally in share market, commodity market, gold and diamond smuggling, film and web series productions.

Vishad Mittal, an honest and resourceful Investigative Crime Reporter, received the information of contract killing of Rajat Kapoor and his 3 others partners of Construction Company. He informs Hari Bhai, childhood friend of Rajat. He goes in hiding but one of his partners says that they belong to the top don and no one dare to attack them. Contract killers gets him in surprise nest to Vidhansabha Bhavan of Maharashtra and pumps 38 bullets.

Rajat gets a call from Atik, younger brother of the don and wanted the new sensation and sexy diva Shivaya in his harem. Rajat playfully sent the lady to Dubai to meet Atik, where don Danish accidently bumped with her and took her in his harem.

Here in India defecto don Kanesh Kurup aka Kaka waged the war against Danish. Kaka calls Rajat to pay a 50 Crores protection money or die. Rajat says that he works with Danish and even the areas, he working from, is also did no falls in Kaka’s area of operations. He will not pay.

Kaka took it seriously and starts attacking Rajat. He uses an unconventional way to kill Rajat by poisoning him. Rajat’s life is saved and he took shelter in Dubai under Danish’s steel umbrella. Kaka tries to attack Rajat in Dubai too but fails. Now a two-way war erupts and blood spills from both side on the roads, lanes, bylanes, squares, pubs, brothels, night clubs, houses, farms… everywhere… day and night.

Shivaya’s life is also in danger due to her closeness with Danish and Kaka issues threats to kill her too. Danish arranges the safekeeping of Shivaya and her family members.

Vishad is getting news and info about all the gang war and relations of underworld and he publishes it all in his portal.

Meanwhile war of Danish and Kaka reached in the international boundaries. Both gangs start killing members of other’s gang.

On the other hand, Rajat reaches Ghana for the Diamond and gold trade but forced to go out from his blood diamond paradise because of Ababa Maseeh, Ghanaian Army Chief’s demand of the actress Manya Singh. Ababa brutally assaulted her during wild sex. Manya hospitalized for treatment of wounds and trauma. To save Manya from Ababa, he shifts the shoot to nearby country and send the team discreetly. Then he also meets Ababa and says that he is going for a deal to the neighboring country and will be back in couple of days.

Rajat sends his 100 crores gold and 50 crores diamond consignment with the camera team of the film unit, which looted by Kaka’s gang when camera crew reached Mumbai. Here again Rajat wins, as he changed the plan at the last minutes. He asked his second camera crew to deplane in Delhi, instead of Mumbai.

The financer is fed up with this situation and fly off to Frankfurt, Germany but Kaka gets this information too and order the knock.

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