Hotel staffer shot at by man of Suresh Pujari gang member, 2 absconding

Special Correspondent,

Mumbai, May 7, 2017

MUMBAI: The cashier of a restaurant in Nalasopara at reception counter was shot at by an unidentified person on Sunday afternoon. Gangster Suresh Pujari claimed that he is behind the firing incident and he will again attack the chain restaurant.


The shooter entered hotel around 1 noon and before firing he left behind a handwritten note with the name of ‘Gangster Suresh Pujari’ scribbled on it.

The victim is 26 year cashier Dilip Varma, who works as a captain too at Galaxy family restaurant, bar and hotel. A bullet was hit on his chest.


One shot was fired at Dilip Verma by the shooter, who has been captured on the closed circuit television (CCTV) of the hotel, but his face is not seen in it due to wrong placement of camera. Due to against light, cap wearing shooter face is not clearly shown in the CCTV footage. In the said footage a man wearing white shirt and cap entered hotel after 1 pm.


Dilip Varma is a resident of Kargil Nagar in Virar (east) is seen at the reception counter. The shooter was waiting with a hand in his right trouser pocket outside the hotel. A few men are seen walking in and out of the hotel. Varma’s attention goes towards the shooter and he offers to help him.


When Verma said in Marathi ‘Bola’ (tell me), the shooter pulls the trigger and leaves behind a white paper and run away.


As per police this note has Suresh Pujari’s name scribbled with blue ink. The suspect is seen running out of the hotel in a hurry.


This almost 40 second footage being retrieved by Nalasopara police. Police officers dose not believe that gangster Suresh Pujari’s name written on the paper is may be to mislead them.


Suresh Pujari who is believed to be operating from the unknown location of Middle East and reportedly threatening and extorting money from builders in Kalyan-Dombivli and Ulhasnagar areas.


It is also informed by some police officials that accused have been absconding after shooting at Galaxy Hotel in Nalasopara of Palghar district. Injured Verma has been admitted to the nearby hospital. It is being told that two unknown people came on a red colour motorbike. One of them fired at Verma. Other one was ready with bike and just after firing both the accused fled.


According to the information received from the source, the hotel owner had been received extortion calls three months before from Suresh Pujari for extortion. The case was filed in the Tulinj police station.


Suresh Pujari claimed that he is behind the firing incident because hotel management is ready to pay him protection money. They filed a case against him and police arrested an innocent boy in the case.


Police is questioning people and investigating the case further.

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