Pune Gangland: Clash Between Rival Gangs Rocks Yerwada Jail, Inmate Sustains Serious Injuries

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, Yerwada, 11th May 2023

Tensions reached a boiling point within the confines of Yerwada Central Jail as a violent clash erupted between two rival gangs, resulting in a grave injury inflicted upon one of the inmates.

The altercation, marked by intensity, unfolded when members of the notorious Marne gang launched a brutal attack on a fellow prisoner, inflicting a forceful blow to his head.

Yerwada Jail: A Cauldron of Criminals

Housing a substantial population of around 700 to 800 criminals hailing from various criminal factions, Yerwada Jail accommodates individuals awaiting trial or serving judicial custody for their respective criminal deeds.

Within the sprawling facility, these individuals are segregated into different barracks, creating a microcosm of the criminal underworld.

Initial Spark During Leisure Hours

The disturbance initially ignited during a seemingly innocuous game of carom on a Wednesday afternoon, where two inmates engaged in the game turned adversaries.

The prison authorities acted promptly, quelling the altercation and directing all inmates to a nearby barrack in a bid to restore order.

Second Round of Turmoil

As night descended, so did a resurgence of tensions. While the injured inmate received medical evaluation for his injuries, rival gang members reignited their dispute.

In a grave turn of events, a member of the opposing faction dealt a forceful blow to the already injured prisoner’s head, exacerbating his condition.

The vigilant intervention of prison guards succeeded in disbanding the warring factions, promptly relocating all involved criminals to separate barracks within the complex.

Superintendent’s Assurance and Actions

Rani Bhosle, the superintendent responsible for Yerwada Jail’s management, provided assurance that the injured inmate’s immediate medical needs were met.

The injured prisoner is now placed in a dedicated barrack, complete with heightened security measures to mitigate further altercations and ensure his safety.


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