Pune Gangland: Decode the Conversation: Pune Police Alerts Parents About Drug-Related Emoji Codes

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 28th June 2023

Recent drug seizures conducted by Pune city police have unveiled a concerning trend – the involvement of young individuals in various drug-related cases.

Astonishingly, these drug dealers have been using specific emojis as covert codes to facilitate their illegal operations. In response to this revelation, Pune Police has embarked on an initiative to educate parents about these emojis and their hidden drug-related connotations.

Authorities are urging parents to closely monitor their children’s online conversations.

Rising Cases and Seized Drugs Worth Crores

Since the commencement of this year, Pune city police have successfully intercepted drugs in 58 cases, with an estimated total value of Rs 7.28 crore.

The seized narcotics include a range of substances: ganja (marijuana), mephedrone, cocaine, charas, poppy seeds, opium, khat, MDMA (ecstasy), brown sugar, magic mushrooms, charas oil, and LSD. These efforts have led to the arrest of 82 individuals associated with these cases.

Emojis Unmasked as Drug Transaction Tools

Inspector Vinayak Gaikwad from Pune Police’s anti-narcotics cell emphasized that their investigations revealed a worrisome trend.

Drug transactions were often orchestrated through mobile phones, with perpetrators employing specific emojis as codes within their chat conversations.

The Breakdown of Seized Drugs in Numbers

The following statistics provide a glimpse into the quantities and values of the seized drugs in the 58 cases:

– 385 kg of ganja valued at Rs 77.38 lakh

– 1.8 kg of mephedrone valued at Rs 3.7 crore

– Cocaine valued at Rs 5,83,000

– Charas valued at Rs 42.68 lakh

– 5 kg of poppy valued at Rs 76,000

– 417 grams of opium valued at Rs 8.34 lakh

– Catha edulis and khat powder valued at Rs. 7 lakh

– LSD stamps valued at Rs 1.6 crore

– Ecstasy pills valued at Rs 1.7 lakh

– 336 grams of brown sugar valued at Rs. 40.33 lakhs

– Psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms) valued at Rs 1 lakh

– 29 grams of charas oil valued at Rs 3.9 lakh

Awareness Campaign and World Drug Day

The Pune Police’s initiative to raise awareness about these drug-related emojis coincides with the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, recognized as World Drug Day, celebrated on June 26.

This endeavor aligns with Pune Police’s broader strategy to combat drug abuse and the illicit trade of drugs within the community.


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