Pune Gangland: Plot to Assassinate NCP Corporator Uncovered; Jailed Gangster Allegedly Behind Scheme

By India Crime Correspondent

PUNE, 29 December 2020

An intricate web of conspiracy involving a jailed gangster has come to light as it was revealed that two individuals were allegedly dispatched to execute the assassination of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Corporator Baburao Chandere in Baner.

The exact motive behind this sinister plan remains uncertain, as authorities work to identify the orchestrator behind the scheme.

NCP Corporator Targeted

Baburao Dattoba Chandere (60), who serves as a Corporator in the Balewadi-Pashan precinct of the Pune Municipal Corporation, has lodged a formal complaint in this disconcerting case.

According to the details outlined in the complaint, the incident transpired on the night of December 22 and into the early hours of December 23.

Threatening Call and Suspicious Vehicle

The sequence of events began when Chandere’s son, Sameer, received a call from an individual named Umesh alias Pappu Barkade.

Barkade conveyed that unidentified persons were present in the Baner vicinity with the intent to harm his father, Baburao Chandere.

Subsequently, as Chandere’s wife attempted to secure their residence’s gate, she noticed a white car parked nearby.

The vehicle accommodated a driver and a passenger seated in the rear. When questioned, the suspects offered no explanation and swiftly departed the scene in their car.

Investigation and Speculation

CCTV footage from the surrounding area has been scrutinized by Chatuhshrungi police.

Senior law enforcement officials visited the site following the registration of the case.

Within police and political circles, speculation abounds regarding the individual who masterminded this alleged murder-for-hire plot against Chandere.

Legal Ramifications

The Chatuhshrungi police station has registered a case against gangster Anil Yashwante and his associates.

The charges encompass sections 120(b) (criminal conspiracy), 115 (abetment of an offence punishable with death or life imprisonment if the offence is not committed), 506(2) (criminal intimidation), and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code.

As the investigation unfolds, the identity of the main instigator and the underlying motives are expected to be unveiled.


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