Pune Gangland: Cracking Down: MCOCA Imposed on Infamous Gaikwad Gang for Spreading Terror

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 16th July 2023

In a significant move, Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr has wielded the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) against the notorious Gaikwad gang, notorious for its reign of terror and spree of vehicle vandalism within the Sahakarnagar vicinity. This resolute action comes in response to a string of serious offenses that have been attributed to the gang in the recent past.

Gang Leader and Accomplices Named

The gang, led by Siddharth Vijay Gaikwad (22) hailing from Annabhau Sathe Colony, Aranyeshwar, has been marked with its accomplices: Ram Rajabhau Umap (23), Sunny alias Kiran Kailas Pardeshi (27), Amol alias Nana Jalander Bansode (31), Sameer Razzaq Shaikh (23), Rajabhau alias Jatalaya Laxman Umap (50), Ganesh alias Bhushan Kailas Pardeshi (30), Nabba alias Naresh Sachin Divte (26), Harshad Appa Dhere (22), Shubham alias Dui Anil Taktode (19), Vishal Shivaji Patole (19), Chetan Mahadev Kamble (26), and Gaurav Arvind Naiknaware (22).

Their involvement in various criminal activities has come under scrutiny.

Gang’s Criminal Record and Modus Operandi

The Gaikwad gang’s rap sheet reveals its participation in 14 documented criminal incidents. Orchestrated under Siddharth’s leadership, these acts of terror were strategically executed to exert control and financial advantage.

Operating primarily across Sahakarnagar, Bharti Vidyapeeth, Swargate, Dattawadi, Kondhwa, Market Yard, and Bibvewadi areas, the gang pursued its malevolent agenda.

Action and Investigation

The proposal to enforce MCOCA against the gang was spearheaded by Sahakarnagar Senior Police Inspector Surendra Malale and submitted to Additional Commissioner Pravin Kumar Patil through DCP (Zone 2) Smartana Patil.

ACP Narayan Shirgaonkar has assumed the responsibility of leading the investigation.

Unified Effort Under Police Commissioner Kumaarr

The operation was meticulously executed under the guidance of Commissioner of Police Retesh Kumaarr, Joint Commissioner Sandeep Karnik, Additional Commissioner of Police Pravin Kumar Patil, Deputy Commissioner Smartana Patil, ACP Narayan Shirgaonkar, Senior Police Inspector Surendra Malale, Police Inspector Sandeep Deshmane, and dedicated police personnel including Sanjay Gaikwad, Mangesh Khedkar, Pooja Tidke, and Bhausaheb Aher.

Cracking Down on Criminal Gangs

Under the leadership of Commissioner of Police Retesh Kumaarr, a stringent crackdown has been initiated against organized criminal gangs.

The police force, operating with a vigilant approach, has been tasked with closely monitoring gangs involved in offenses that threaten individuals and property, infusing fear within the public.

The overarching objective is to root out criminal activities entirely. This comprehensive effort has resulted in the initiation of action against 36 such gangs thus far.

Range of Crimes and Commitment to Public Safety

The gang activities span a range of crimes including organized gang involvement, violent intimidation, robbery, theft, possession of lethal weaponry, attempted culpable homicide, causing grievous harm, unlawful assembly, public assault, possession of dangerous arms, property damage, and other offenses.

The police force remains steadfast in upholding law and order, ensuring the safety and security of the community.


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