Pune Gangland: Gangster Laxman Shendge and Accomplices Face MCOCA Charges for Extortion

By India Crime Correspondent

PUNE Warje, 26th March 2023:

Pune Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr has issued a directive for the arrest of gangster Laxman alias Bhaiya Shendge and his associates under the provisions of the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA).

This action comes in response to their alleged involvement in extorting money from local businessmen, indicating the city’s unwavering commitment to tackling criminal activities.

Extortion Incident: Gang Targets Beer Shop in Warje, Pune

The accused gang, led by Laxman alias Bhaiya Shendge, reportedly stormed into a beer shop located in Warje, Pune.

Displaying aggressive behavior, they proceeded to seize crates of beer bottles and subsequently demanded a monetary sum from the shop owner.

When the shop owner resisted the extortion attempt, the gang resorted to threats and coercion to extract the demanded funds.

Persistent Criminal Activities: Despite Preventive Measures

Despite the authorities’ earlier efforts to implement preventive measures, Laxman Shendge and his accomplices persisted in their unlawful activities.

Senior Police Inspector DS Hake of Warje Police Station put forth a proposal to initiate MCOCA proceedings against the gang members. The proposal garnered the approval of Additional Commissioner Rajendra Dahale and DCP Suhail Sharma.

The gang comprises individuals identified as Laxman alias Bhaiya Yedba Shendge, Swami alias Kalu Dnyaneshwar Khawle, Aditya Ganesh Mandalik, and Anil Bapu Bansode.

Decisive Action: Pune Police Addressing Criminal Gangs

In a resolute effort to address organized crime, Police Commissioner Kumaarr has enacted decisive action against a total of 19 gangs within the city.

The invocation of MCOCA underscores the city’s commitment to combatting criminal activities at their core.

MCOCA is a robust legislative framework aimed at tackling organized crime, with stringent provisions including the possibility of life imprisonment and the seizure of ill-gotten property.


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