Pune Gangland: Rampaging Gang Behind Vehicle Vandalism Apprehended in Wanwadi

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 29th March 2023

A menacing gang responsible for a spree of vehicle vandalization and instilling fear in the Wanwadi vicinity has been apprehended by the police.

The arrested members include Piyush alias Aman Rajesh Marote (20), Siddharth Anil Kakade (21), both residents of Wanwadi, Aditya Sunil Yellow (19) from Khadki, and Hiten Ravindra Yadav (19).

Vehicles Ravaged, Fear Spread

Operating with the aim of spreading terror throughout the area, the gang carried out acts of vehicle vandalism, throwing the community into a state of apprehension.

Law enforcement officials obtained crucial evidence from CCTV camera footage, which played a pivotal role in tracking down the perpetrators.

Swift Action Leads to Arrest

The investigation team strategically utilized information from CCTV footage, locating the accused near Empress Garden in the Race Course area. Acting swiftly, the police devised a trap that culminated in the arrest of the four individuals allegedly involved in the vehicle vandalization spree.

Unified Efforts for Public Safety

This operation was conducted under the strategic guidance of Police Commissioner Vikrant Deshmukh.

The collective effort of Assistant Commissioner Purnima Taware, Senior Police Inspector Bhausaheb Patare, Crime Branch Inspector Sandeep Shivle, and Sub-Inspectors Ajay Bhosale, Amjad Pathan, Santosh Naik, Vinod Bhandalkar, and Atul Gaikwad played a vital role in ensuring public safety and curbing the criminal activities of this gang.


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