Pune Gangland: Rampage Unleashed by Hooligans in Pune Traced Back to Gang Conflict

By India Crime Correspondent

PUNE, 19 April, 2023

Disorder erupted in the Pandav Nagar locality of Pune as a faction of troublemakers wreaked havoc, causing substantial damage to approximately 20 vehicles during the early hours of Monday. This unsettling event was a result of an ongoing feud between two local factions vying for dominance in the region, as disclosed by the police on Tuesday.

Chaotic Episode at Midnight

Around 12:30 am on Monday, a group comprising 18 to 20 individuals, armed with machetes and wooden cudgels, undertook an extensive spree of destruction within the PMC colony of Pandav Nagar.

Their actions not only left a trail of wreckage but also instilled fear among local inhabitants and members of the opposing faction.

Violent Assault Amidst Turmoil

In the course of their rampage, the gang brutally assaulted a young man identified as Sonu Awaghade (25) with a machete.

Shedding light on the incident, Sub Inspector Rupesh Chalke, the lead investigator on the case, attributed the upheaval to the longstanding rivalry between two indigenous groups, both seeking supremacy over the region.

Chalke stated, “We are actively apprehending individuals implicated in connection with the incident.”

First Arrests Made

The police elaborated that out of the cohort of over 18 suspects, two individuals, namely Rupesh Vitkar and Ismail Shaikh, have been taken into custody.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice and resolution.


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