Pune Gangland: Goon Sharad Mohol Apprehended Following Gajanan Marne’s Arrest

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 17 February, 2021

The law enforcement landscape in Pune remains active as notorious criminal Sharad Mohol, along with five individuals, faces arrest. This development follows the apprehension of Gajanan Marne, another prominent figure in Pune’s criminal milieu. Both incidents involve alleged transgressions tied to public gatherings and rallies.

Marne’s Release Triggers Legal Action

Gajanan Marne’s post-release activities led to his arrest. Following his release from Taloja Jail, Marne embarked on a march accompanied by his supporters along the Expressway en-route to Pune.

The Pimpri Chinchwad police apprehended him amidst allegations of orchestrating the march. This incident spurred a series of legal proceedings.

Sharad Mohol: Arrest Amidst Rally Accusations

Adding to the unfolding narrative, Sharad Mohol and four others find themselves in police custody. The arrest of Mohol, a notable criminal figure, is linked to his participation in a rally that took place on January 26.

This event, which occurred subsequent to his release from Yerwada Jail where he was held on a murder charge, reportedly involved the flaunting of COVID-19 guidelines alongside a sizeable assembly of supporters.

Rule-Breaking Amidst Supporters: Legal Ramifications Emerge

The rally connected to Mohol’s arrest has prompted legal repercussions due to alleged rule violations.

With disregard for pandemic-related protocols, the event was marked by loud proclamations and non-compliance with preventive measures.

Subsequently, a case was lodged against those involved, triggering the ongoing legal proceedings.

Comprehensive Arrests: Additional Detainees

In addition to Sharad Mohol, the police have taken into custody four other individuals in connection with the case.

The names of those arrested include Vishwas Bajirao Manere (37), Manoj Chandrakant Pawar (42), and Swapnil Arun Naik (35). Furthermore, one individual, whose name remains undisclosed, has also been apprehended, contributing to the comprehensive nature of the arrests made by the Pune police.


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