Pune Gangland: Pune Police Seeks MCOCA for Ghaywal Gang: Retaliatory Shooting Spurs Action

By India Crime Correspondent

PUNE, July 2, 2015

  • Pune Authorities Pursue Stringent Measures Against Suspected Gang Members
  • Proposal Submitted for MCOCA on Suspected Gang Members
  • Authorities Seek Invocation of MCOCA for Alleged Members of Ghaywal Gang
  • Retaliatory Shooting Prompts Legal Action
  • Violent Incident Spurs Legal Measures Against Suspected Gang Members

Following a retaliatory shooting incident on May 30, where a 22-year-old man was targeted in Bhusari Colony, the Pune police have put forth a proposal to the state government to enforce the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Control Act (MCOCA) on four individuals believed to be associated with the Nilesh Ghaywal gang.

Profiles of the Suspected Gang Members

The four individuals under scrutiny are Nagesh Vitthal Dhanave (22) and Ganesh Baban Dhanave (23), both hailing from Darvali in Mulshi, Rohit Vitthal Akhade (21), a resident of Shastrinagar, and Jitendra Balkawade (22), a resident of Mulshi.

Background of the Retaliatory Shooting

The incident in question took place on May 30 when the suspects allegedly fired shots at Sagar Dhamale in Bhusari Colony.

This retaliatory act was reportedly in response to the murder of Pankaj Phatak (22), an associate of the Ghaywal gang.

The suspects believed that Dhamale had affiliations with the rival Gaja Marne gang. However, investigations into Dhamale’s background revealed no criminal record.

Authorities Seek MCOCA for Alleged Gang Affiliates

Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Sunil Ramanand stated that a proposal has been submitted to apply MCOCA to the four individuals connected with the Ghaywal gang.

Senior Inspector Nitin Bhosale-Patil of the Kothrud police station emphasized that Pune police commissioner K K Pathak and the joint commissioner are keen on curbing the rise of organized gangs due to incidents of daylight shootings and sudden attacks in the city.

In response to the retaliatory shooting, the four suspects, who have a criminal history, are being targeted for stringent action.

Prior Instances of MCOCA against Ghaywal Gang

This isn’t the first time legal measures have been taken against the Ghaywal gang. The city police had invoked MCOCA against them in both 2010 and 2011.

The renewed pursuit of MCOCA for the suspected gang members underscores the authorities’ commitment to addressing organized crime effectively.


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