Pune Gangland: Sand Mafia Gang Member Brutally Murdered in Pune’s Kadamwakvasti

By India Crime Correspondent

PUNE, 1 August 2015

In a chilling incident, Altaf Jabbar Shaikh, a known associate of the sand mafia gangster Appa Londhe, was gruesomely murdered on Thursday night in Kadamwakvasti.

The Loni Kalbhor police have identified the victim as Shaikh, a history-sheeter with a long list of criminal charges, including murder, attempt to murder, and assault. The circumstances surrounding his death point to an alleged retaliation within the criminal underworld.

Victim’s Violent History

Altaf Jabbar Shaikh’s criminal record spans a decade, with a history marked by his involvement in serious offenses.

Having faced charges under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) around 10 years ago, he had amassed several cases of murder, assault, and related crimes.

His association with the sand mafia gangster Appa Londhe suggests a connection to organized criminal activities.

Fatal Night and Discovered Body

On the night of the incident, Shaikh contacted his wife at around 10:30 pm, informing her that he would be out with friends and returning home later.

The following morning at approximately 7 am, Sarjerao Chauhan, an employee at the local gram panchayat office, made a gruesome discovery. He found Shaikh’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood.

The brutal nature of the attack is evident from the severe injuries sustained by Shaikh, including disfiguration of his face, indicating that he was subjected to a violent assault with sharp weapons.

Retaliation and Subsequent Investigation

The murder has spurred action from law enforcement. Acting on a complaint filed by Shaikh’s son, Aslam, the Pune rural police have initiated legal proceedings against nine members of a rival local gang, which is allegedly operated by Kankate in Loni Kalbhor.

The incident has highlighted the intense rivalry and violent dynamics that often characterize the criminal landscape, resulting in tragic consequences.

Continued Tensions in the Criminal Underworld

The brutal murder of Altaf Jabbar Shaikh echoes the ongoing tensions and conflicts within the criminal underworld. This incident is not isolated, as it follows a pattern of violence and retaliation. Just a few months prior, Appa Londhe himself fell victim to a brutal assault and shooting a short distance away from his residence in Uruli Kanchan on May 28, while he was on a morning walk. These events underscore the volatile nature of criminal activities in the region.


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