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Safety Tips For Citizens: Precaution at Work Place

Workplace precautions are those actions that are taken to reduce identified risks to an acceptable level.

The most appropriate workplace precautions for any activity are decided by applying the following priorities:

  • If possible avoiding the risk altogether.
  • Where possible combating the risks at source.
  • Giving priority to measures that protect the whole workplace.
  • Wherever possible, adapting work to the individual.
  • Taking advantage of technological & technical progress.
  • Using personal protective equipment to minimising risk is considered a last resort.

A wide range of workplace precautions are available, some more effective than others.

Typical workplace precautions include machinery guards, personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe systems of work.

are able to provide guidance on appropriate workplace precautions for a range of regular work activities.

In many instances, effective control of significant risks will only be achieved by implementing a proper method statement and/or a permit to work system that is appropriate to the task.

Where a permit system is used, it must be followed.


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