DOSSIER: Sunil alias Bholu Thakur: From Grief to Vengeance


Aligrah, UP, 2 August 2023

In the crime-ridden alleys of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, a name that sent shivers down the spines of many was Sunil alias Bholu Thakur, a convicted history-sheeter hailing from Gadhiya Bhojpur village in the Jawan area. Behind his violent past lay a tragic tale of vengeance – a tale that began when he was just a five-year-old boy.

Notorious history-sheeter Bholu Thakur faces over 14 registered cases, leading to constant police surveillance and monitoring of his activities.

Father’s Murder Ignites a Lifelong Quest for Justice:

The seeds of Bholu’s criminal journey were sown in 1990 when fate dealt him a cruel blow. His father, Shishupala, was brutally murdered, his lifeless body found in a well in the Atrauli area. The heinous act left an indelible scar on young Bholu’s heart. As he stepped into adolescence, the grief of his father’s murder clung to him, driving him toward a path of revenge.

First Taste of Blood:

In 2005, the flames of vengeance engulfed Bholu’s soul, leading him to commit his first act of violence. A youth from the family of one of the accused in his father’s murder met a tragic end at the hands of Bholu. Fuelled by rage and the desire for retribution, he mercilessly killed a young member of the Brahmin community.

A Darkening Shadow of Crime:

As the years passed, Bholu’s notoriety in the crime world grew. In the same fateful year of 2005, he became embroiled in the murder case of Sandeep Singh from the Gandhi Park area. The violence seemed unrelenting, and in the same year, he made headlines again for the murder of a lodge operator in Gandhi Park.

Link to BSP Leader’s Murder:

Bholu’s name loomed large in the shocking murder case of BSP leader Dharmendra Chaudhary in 2015. His criminal pursuits seemed to escalate, leaving a trail of fear and devastation in his wake.

A Turning Point:

In 2019, a ray of hope appeared as Bholu distanced himself from his life of crime. The murder of a teenager seemed to trigger introspection, leading him to reconsider the path he had chosen. For the first time, there was a glimmer of change in the heart of this notorious history-sheeter.

Named in the Murder of Chaudhary:

On January 10, 2015, a heinous crime shook the region as BSP leader Dharmendra Chaudhary fell victim to a fatal attack by sharpshooters. Despite the police arresting nine alleged murderers in connection with the case, including Bholu, all the accused were eventually acquitted, leaving the case unsolved.

Teen Shot and Public Outrage:

The unfortunate incident on July 18, 2019, witnessed the cold-blooded murder of a teenager from the Banjara community in Bhojpur village. Enraged by the senseless killing, the local villagers took to the streets and blocked the Anupshahar road in protest. Bholu emerged as the prime suspect in this case as well, but he managed to avoid conviction, and the murder case remains under consideration.

Named in Multiple Murders, Records Unsettled:

Bholu Thakur’s involvement in a total of four murders came to light, with three of them officially recorded by the police. Among the cases, he was convicted for a murder that occurred in 2005 but was granted bail after filing an appeal. The notorious history-sheeter faced a staggering 14 registered cases, ranging from Arms Act violations in 2005 to various charges of violence, dacoity, cheating, and gangster activities in 2010 and 2013. However, in the legal proceedings, Bholu managed to secure acquittals in most of the cases, except for those that are still pending consideration, including the 2009 SC-ST Act case and the 2019 murder case.

Despite being named in a multitude of cases and attracting continuous police surveillance due to his history sheet, Bholu Thakur has so far managed to evade the full extent of justice for his alleged criminal activities.

Dream of Getting into Politics:

In a bid to enter the realm of politics, Bholu sought a ticket from the BSP to contest as a district panchayat member in past elections. However, his ambitions were clouded by legal troubles, as a staggering 14 cases were registered against him. Out of these, 11 resulted in acquittals, while three cases remained pending in court, casting a shadow on his political aspirations.

Tragic Demise of Bholu Thakur:

On August 1, 2023, a tragic incident unfolded late at night near the Reliance Petrol Pump on the highway, resulting in the untimely death of Bholu Thakur. The 38-year-old, riding a Scorpio, was on his way to his village, accompanied by his friend Sunil Kumar via the Gabhana Barauli Road.

The Deadly Encounter:

As Bholu approached the vicinity of Reliance Petrol Pump at approximately 11 pm, a group of bike riders suddenly surrounded him, relentlessly chasing him down. In a horrifying turn of events, he was shot dead in the vicinity of the Reliance Petrol Pump. The motive behind the brutal murder stemmed from a dispute with an individual named Pankaj, which had escalated just four days before the fatal encounter. The altercation reignited enmity, ultimately leading to the tragic demise of Bholu Thakur as he was returning from the inauguration of a restaurant.

Police Investigation and Search:

Following the incident, the police swiftly made an arrest and took the accused into custody for interrogation. The main accused, Pankaj, is reportedly physically handicapped and had a prior record, having been jailed for arms smuggling in Gujarat. In response to this heinous crime, three teams have been mobilized to track down and apprehend the remaining suspects. The investigation is all-encompassing, exploring every angle to bring justice to Bholu Thakur’s bereaved family and to establish the true circumstances that led to his unfortunate demise.

The Tragic Incident Grips the Community:

The shocking event that transpired on Sunday night has left the local community in a state of bewilderment and deep concern. Numerous discussions and speculations surround the incident, with the community grappling to comprehend the loss of a prominent figure in the area. As investigations continue, the community awaits answers and justice for the death of Bholu Thakur, whose dream of political involvement was tragically cut short by this senseless act of violence.

Brother Lodges FIR:

In the aftermath of the tragic incident, Bholu Thakur’s younger brother, Rahul, has taken legal action by filing a First Information Report (FIR) at the Gabhana police station. The FIR names Pankaj, Chandraveer, and six-seven unidentified individuals as the accused. The account provided in the report suggests that Bholu, along with his friends, attended the inauguration of a new cafe, Central Jail, near Chikavati, ahead of the Khereshwar intersection. However, a dispute over vehicle removal in the village led to a violent confrontation with the attackers.

Cafe Inauguration and Tragic Turn of Events:

As per the police investigation and information from the family, Bholu’s friend, Bablu of Jawan Daheli, had recently established the cafe named Central Jail. The cafe’s opening ceremony took place on a Sunday, with notable personalities like Iglas area MLA Rajkumar Sahyog, former district panchayat president Upendra Singh Neetu, and Lodha block chief Harendra Singh in attendance. Bholu Thakur was also present during the inauguration.

A Dispute and Fatal Attack:

The fatal chain of events began when a dispute arose over the removal of a vehicle in the village. The accused attackers, seemingly with a predetermined intention, confronted Bholu and his friends as they were leaving the cafe. As they started their journey back, the attackers ambushed them, chasing and pelting stones at their vehicle. The situation escalated rapidly, leading to tragic consequences.

The Harrowing Incident:

After the inauguration ceremony, most of the guests departed, but Bholu and some of his friends chose to stay behind, engaging in a late-night liquor party. Around 11 pm, as Bholu began his journey in his Scorpio, a disagreement ensued with Pankaj, who owns the Saajan Hotel located on the upper floor of Bablu’s building, regarding the vehicle’s removal. Subsequently, Pankaj called for reinforcements, including Chandraveer and others from his village.

A Chilling Attack and Tragic Loss:

The assailants arrived in a Swift Dzire car and on bikes, initiating a heated altercation. As Bholu attempted to leave with his companion, Sushil of Tezpur, the attackers hurled bricks and stones at their car, causing severe damage. Despite their efforts to escape, the assailants chased them relentlessly and cornered them near the Kanhoi cut in Gabhana area. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, they opened fire on the vehicle, striking Bholu in the chest. Tragically, Bholu succumbed to his injuries. Sushil, who was also in the car and under the influence of alcohol, remained unconscious during the attack.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, and investigations are ongoing to bring justice to Bholu Thakur’s grieving family and to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this senseless act of violence.

Villagers Mistake the Incident for an Accident:

When the tumultuous scene unfolded, the villagers who arrived at the spot were initially under the impression that it was a mere accident. Reacting swiftly, they promptly informed both the ambulance and the police about the incident. However, as the police commenced their investigation, the shocking truth emerged – Bholu Thakur had been shot and had tragically succumbed to his injuries. Without delay, the authorities informed higher officials to escalate the inquiry.

A Swarm of Officials Arrive at the Scene:

As news of the incident spread, Bholu’s family members rushed to the spot, stricken with grief over the loss of their beloved. Simultaneously, a multitude of officials, including the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), arrived at the location to initiate a thorough investigation into the matter. The police focused on gathering vital information from Bholu’s companion, Sunil, who was accompanying him at the time of the attack, with the aim of tracing the culprits responsible for the heinous act.

Formation of Special Teams and CCTV Scrutiny:

In a bid to swiftly crack the case and bring the perpetrators to justice, the SSP took decisive action by forming three specialized police teams to delve into the incident. The teams were entrusted with the critical task of unraveling the truth behind the tragic event. Furthermore, the police meticulously scanned the CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity of the inauguration ceremony, hoping to identify and track down the bike riders who had callously opened fire, resulting in Bholu’s untimely death.

As the investigation unfolds, the entire community remains on edge, waiting anxiously for justice to prevail and for those responsible to be held accountable for their reprehensible actions. The police are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of the truth, working relentlessly to provide closure to the grieving family and the shocked villagers affected by this heart-wrenching incident.

Case Registered and Initial Arrest:

Following the tragic incident, Bholu Thakur’s younger brother, Rahul, wasted no time in registering a case at the Gabhana police station, naming Pankaj and Chandraveer, along with six to seven unidentified individuals, as the accused. According to Rahul’s statement, Bholu, along with Sushil from Tezpur, Rahul himself, his brother-in-law Rohit, and Sanjeev from Bholu’s village, attended the cafe’s inauguration. A dispute over vehicle removal led to a confrontation with the attackers, resulting in a fatal chase and a hail of stones. Ultimately, Bholu was killed by gunfire. The police have arrested Chandraveer, while others have been detained as part of the ongoing investigation.

Root Cause of the Killing:

During the police investigation, it was unveiled that the building housing the cafe and hotel belonged to Bablu from Daheli Jawan. Several months earlier, he had leased the upper portion of the building to Chandraveer from Gwalra Gabhana, under a written agreement for operating a hotel for 18 months. However, Chandraveer failed to pay the agreed-upon rent for the past three to four months. Moreover, without Bablu’s consent, Chandraveer transferred the hotel ownership to Pankaj from their village, Gwalra, and falsely claimed to have made Bablu a partner.

Escalating Disputes and Bholu’s Involvement:

The tensions surrounding the tenancy-related dispute between Bablu and Pankaj-Chandraveer saw Bholu Thakur, a history-sheeter, siding with Bablu. The situation worsened when Bablu confronted Chandraveer and Pankaj over the matter, leading to ongoing disputes between the two factions for four to five days. It is reported that during a previous altercation, Bholu threatened Pankaj and Chandraveer over the phone, firmly supporting Bablu’s stance. The simmering disagreement finally culminated in a face-to-face confrontation that fateful night, with Bholu’s involvement and past criminal history adding fuel to the already volatile situation, ultimately leading to the tragic and senseless murder.

Bholu’s Last Rites Conducted under Stringent Security:

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Bholu Thakur’s last rites were conducted in his native village, Bhojpur, under tight police supervision. The postmortem had taken place earlier in the afternoon, and now, the final farewell was carried out with utmost caution and security measures in place.

A Somber Journey to the Cremation Site:

Bholu’s lifeless body was first brought to his residence, where his family and loved ones gathered to bid their final goodbyes. However, due to the unavailability of a cremation ground in the village, a private tube well served as the location for the last rites. It was there that Bholu’s younger brother, Rahul, took charge of lighting the pyre, marking the end of a life that was tragically cut short. Bholu’s family comprises his grieving mother, devoted wife, and two young children, who now face the daunting task of rebuilding their lives without him.

Presence of Officials and Community Members:

The solemn event witnessed the presence of several key figures, ensuring a secure and respectful farewell for Bholu Thakur. Among them were CO Civil Line Ashok Kumar Singh, as well as police personnel from Quarsi, Civil Lines, and Jawan. Additionally, prominent community figures, including Barauli Nagar Panchayat Chairman Manoj Thakur, District Panchayat members Ramu Dhangar, Alok Pradhan, and Yashpal Jadaun, and District Cow Protection Chief Ajay Thakur, attended the ceremony. The somber gathering also included individuals such as Arun Tomar, Netaji Ramesh Sharma, and the State Vice President of Bharatiya Kisan Union, Dheeraj Verma, all united in mourning the loss of a man whose life was marred by violence.

Amidst the heavy hearts and tearful goodbyes, the community came together to pay their respects and provide solace to the bereaved family. As Bholu’s soul embarks on its final journey, the wounds of this tragic incident will remain fresh in the hearts of all who knew him, leaving a void that can never be filled.

Dream of Getting into Politics:

In a bid to enter the realm of politics, Bholu sought a ticket from the BSP to contest as a district panchayat member in past elections. However, his ambitions were clouded by legal troubles, as a staggering 14 cases were registered against him. Out of these, 11 resulted in acquittals, while three cases remained pending in court, casting a shadow on his political aspirations.

Is It An End?:

Sunil alias Bholu Thakur’s journey in the world of crime, motivated by a deep-seated desire for vengeance over his father’s murder, brought about waves of terror in the town of Aligarh. His violent actions led to a trail of bloodshed and chaos, leaving many lives shattered in the process. However, as time passed, a flicker of transformation emerged, hinting at the possibility of redemption for a man who had been engulfed in darkness for so long. The question now remains: will Bholu find a path of redemption and seek a life free from the clutches of crime? Only time will tell.


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