Pune Gangland: MOCCA Authorization: Tadiwala Road Gang Targeted by Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 6th August 2023

Pune’s Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr has initiated a significant response against a formidable gang responsible for sowing terror in the vicinity of Tadiwala Road near Pune Station. This development unfolds as the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MOCCA) is leveraged to counteract the gang’s menacing activities.

This strategic decision marks the 44th instance of police intervention against gang-related offenses under Kumaarr’s tenure as Police Commissioner.

Gang Members Apprehended: Trio Behind Violent Assault

The group’s malevolent actions have manifested in violence, culminating in the severe assault of a young individual last month.

The three goons involved in the assault have now been apprehended: Sangharsh, also known as Bhavya Nitin Adsul (21 years old); Sahil Raju Waghmare, alias Kharkhar Sonya (22 years old); and Atul Shripad Mhaskar, alias Sonu Parmar (22 years old), the latter residing in the vicinity of Tadiwala Road, Pune Station.

Accused Face Multiple Serious Charges

The trio’s involvement in the assault incident propelled their arrest. Adsul, Waghmare, and Mhaskar were taken into custody in connection with the attack.

These individuals are enmeshed in four distinct cases involving serious criminal allegations.

Eradicating Fear: Gang’s Reign of Intimidation

Operating as a cohesive gang within the Tadiwala Road enclave, their activities have reverberated through fear and intimidation.

The initiation of proceedings against this group was meticulously prepared by Senior Inspector Santosh Sonwane, stationed at Bundagarden Police Station.

The comprehensive proposal garnered the approval of Additional Commissioner Praveen Kumar Patil and DCP (Zone 2) Smartana Patil, culminating in decisive action being endorsed.

Kumaarr’s Directive: Targeting the Adsul Gang

Upon comprehensive review and careful deliberation of the proposal, Commissioner of Police Retesh Kumaarr mandated a resolute response to counter the actions of the Adsul gang.

This decision underscores the unyielding commitment of Pune’s law enforcement to curtail organized criminal activities, promoting safety and security within the community.


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