Pune Gangland: Koyta Gang Strikes Three Victims in Timber Market Assault

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 9th August 2023

The vibrant atmosphere of Bhawani Peth witnessed an alarming turn as the notorious Koyta Gang carried out a brazen attack targeting three individuals within the timber market precinct.

This audacious act has swiftly prompted law enforcement action, culminating in the registration of a case against a group of ten individuals at the Khadak police station.

Charges Laid Against Notorious Group

The list of those facing charges encompasses Karan Aglave (22), Rahul Shendge (22), Rohan Shendge (21), Abhishek Sasane (33), Mahesh Aglave (20), Swastik Khawle (22), Rohit Thorat (24), Laxman Jadhav (23), Shankar Kongadi (24), and Rohit Agalave.

These individuals are under scrutiny for their suspected involvement in the unsettling incident.

Injured Victim Emerges Amidst Chaos

Sultan Chand Sheikh (27), hailing from Lohianagar, finds himself gravely injured as a result of this distressing occurrence.

The attack’s repercussions have left Sheikh nursing wounds, thrusting him into the spotlight as a victim of the Koyta Gang’s aggression.

Chilling Account of the Incident

Initial inquiries paint a chilling picture of the incident’s unfolding. Sultan Shaikh and his companions were engaged in casual conversation within the timber market surroundings.

This relaxed interaction took a dark turn when Karan Aglave and his accomplices made an entrance. Karan confronted Sultan, raising questions about an alleged assault involving Rohit Aglave.

The situation escalated dramatically as a Koyta, a weapon infamous for its sinister intent, was brought into play.

The ensuing altercation resulted in Sultan’s stabbing. Alish Shaikh, an associate of Akbar who was in Sultan’s company, also became a casualty, plunging the area into a state of shock and unease.

Probe Ongoing

The case has prompted immediate investigative action, with Police Sub-Inspector Vite at the helm of the ongoing inquiry.

As the investigation unfolds, further details are anticipated to emerge, shedding light on the motives and circumstances surrounding this distressing incident.


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