Pune Gangland: Papulya alias Digvijay Waghmare Gang Faces MCOCA Charges After Vandalism Spree

By India Crime Correspondent

PUNE, August 12, 2023

In a significant move, the Pune City police have resorted to the rigorous Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) against a gang comprising 10 members led by Papulya alias Digvijay Waghmare.

This includes Waghmare himself, residing in Barate Chawl, Warje, and his nine accomplices, including two minors. The gang has been accused of orchestrating a spree of vehicular vandalism and inducing fear in Sahakarnagar on June 20.

Incidents Leading to Action:

Previously, during June, the police had detained Waghmare, Kamal Chakrabahaddur Saha, Bhagwan Kharat, Lingappa alias Nitin Suresh Gadade, Devidas Basavraj Koli, and two underage offenders.

These detainees were lodged in Yerwada jail. It is noteworthy that Saha was later granted bail.

Three other members, namely Munna Nadaf, Sagar Jamadar, and an unidentified individual, remain at large.

Multiple Offenses and Background:

This gang had been apprehended by the Warje Police in June due to their involvement in an attempted murder case registered at the Warje Police station.

They were linked to an incident of vehicular destruction reported in Karvenagar in the same month.

Sahakarnagar Turmoil:

Elaborating on the Sahakarnagar incident, Surendra Malale, Senior Police Inspector (SPI) at Sahakar Nagar police station, recounted, “On June 20, members of the Waghmare gang wreaked havoc in the Sahakarnagar vicinity, causing extensive damage to at least 26 parked vehicles. Given the group’s engagement in illicit activities, we have resorted to invoking MCOCA against Waghmare and his gang.”

Legal Charges and Implications:

Besides the stipulated IPC sections encompassing 143, 144, 147, 148, 149, 427, 506(2), section 37(1) along with 135 of the Maharashtra Police Act, and Section 4(25) of the Arms Act, the case registered at Sahakar Nagar police station also involves Section 3(1)(ii), 3(2), and 3(4) of MCOCA.


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