Pune Gangland: Major Crackdown: 47th MCOCA Operation Targets Gold Chain Snatching Gang in Wanwadi

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 13th August 2023

Pune’s law enforcement agencies have launched a sweeping operation to tackle the notorious criminal gangs that have been wreaking havoc across various city neighborhoods. This united and resolute effort has sent shockwaves through the ranks of these lawless elements. Taking a bold stance against the rampant spate of jewelry thefts, a decisive operation has been carried out against the Dnyaneshwar Chavan gang operating in the Wanwadi locality.

Multiple Cases and Criminal Activities

With 16 cases officially recorded against them, the two individuals at the center of this criminal web have been linked to eight different criminal activities.

This marks the 47th significant operation conducted under the rigorous Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA), spearheaded by Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr.

Criminal Profiles

The prime individuals identified in this operation are Dyaneshwar, also known as Mauli Bhikaji Chavan (22 years old, hailing from Devachi Uruli Mulgaon-Khuneshwar, Mohol, district Solapur, and the leader of the gang), and Gajanan Dattarao Borade (30 years old, residing in Hivarkar Mala, Saswad).

Criminal Activities and Incident Details

The crimes perpetrated by this gang encompass a range of offenses. Notably, one case involved the brazen snatching of a mangalsutra valued at Rs 25,000 from a woman’s neck on June 8th, near Kedari Garden in Wanwadi.

This incident triggered a comprehensive investigation that ultimately exposed Dnyaneshwar Chavan and his accomplice as the culprits behind the act.

Action Under MCOCA

Having amassed a total of 16 registered cases, and with their involvement in eight distinct offenses clearly established, Senior Police Inspector Bhausaheb Patare took the initiative to propose invoking the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) against the gang.

The proposal was presented to Additional Commissioner of Police Ranjan Kumar Sharma.

Subsequently, Police Commissioner Retesh Kumar took decisive steps to address the criminal threat posed by the gang.

Criminal Modus Operandi and Activities

The accused individuals employed a calculated modus operandi, primarily targeting solitary women and forcibly snatching gold mangalsutras and chains.

Their actions were designed to instill fear among women.

Operating under various disguises and utilizing motorcycles for quick getaways, these two criminals have perpetrated a series of grave offenses spanning different parts of the city.


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