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Mobsters & Crime Lords Of The World List

This is a list of crime bosses of the world. They are the most dreaded and crual mobsters of the history of crime of the world. They are the individuals, who believed to have assumed leadership of a criminal syndicate of times.

It’s a list of mobsters and organized crime bosses, who operates or active till their deaths in the various parts of the world. This List includes all Mafiosi Bosses, past and present.

We will update this list time to time, when we will get more information and data about Gangstars.

The list is still in progress.

The list is arranged alphabetically.

Abner Zwillman aka Longy (1899–1959), suicide

Al Capone aka Scarface (1899–1947), natural causes

Al Swearengen (1845–1904), natural causes

Aladino Fratianno aka Jimmy the Weasel (1913–1993), natural causes

Albert Anastasia (1902–1957), assassinated

Alex Birns aka Shondor (1907–1975), assassinated

Alfonso Caruana (born 1946), serving twenty-two-year prison sentence

Alfred  Polizzi aka Big Al (1900–1975), natural causes

Alfred Mineo (1880–1930), assassinated

Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (born 1949), international fugitive since 2002

Amado Carrillo Fuentes (1956–1997), natural causes

Andrea Manciaracina (born 1962), serving life sentence in prison

Angelo Bruno (1910–1980), assassinated

Angelo Bruno (1910–1980), assassinated

Angelo La Barbera (1924–1975), assassinated

Anthony  Casso aka Gaspipe (born 1942), serving life sentence in prison

Anthony Civella aka Tony Ripe (1930–1976), natural causes

Anthony Corallo aka Tony Ducks (1913–2000), natural causes in prison

Anthony Gizzo aka Fat Tony (1902–1953), natural causes

Anthony Salerno aka Fat Tony (1911–1992), natural causes in prison

Anthony Spilotro aka Tony the Ant (1938–1986), assassinated

Antonio Cottone (1904–1956), assassinated

Antonio Geraci aka Nenè (1917–2007), natural causes

Antonio Lombardo aka The Scourge (1892–1928), assassinated

Antonio Rotolo (born 1946), serving thirteen-year prison sentence

Antonio Salamone (1918–1998), natural causes

Arnold Rothstein (1882–1928), assassinated

Aslan Gagiyev (born c.1971), on trial

Aslan Usoyan aka Grandpa Hassan (1937–2013), assassinated

Benedetto Santapaola aka The Hunter (born 1938), serving life sentence in prison

Benedetto Spera (born 1934), serving life sentence in prison

Benjamin Siegel aka Bugsy (1906–1947), assassinated

Bernardo Provenzano aka Bennie the Tractor (1933–2016), natural causes in prison

Boris Dekanidze (died 1995), executed.

Boris Nayfeld (born c.1947), retired

Bosko Radonjich aka The Yugo (born 1943-2011), natural causes

Braulio Arellano Domínguez (d. 2009), killed by law enforcement

Calcedonio Di Pisa (1931–1962), assassinated

Calogero Vizzini (1877–1954), natural causes

Carl Civella (1910–1994), natural causes in prison

Carlo Gambino (1902–1976), natural causes

Carlos Lehder (born 1950), serving fifty-five-year prison sentence

Carlos Marcello (1910–1993), natural causes

Carmine Galante aka The Cigar (1910–1979), assassinated

Carmine Persico aka Junior (1933–2019), natural causes in prison

Carmine Tramunti aka Mr. Gribbs (1910–1978), natural causes in prison

Cesare Manzella (1897–1963), assassinated

Cesare Pagano (born 1969), imprisoned

Charles Binaggio (1909–1950), assassinated

Charles Carrollo aka Charlie the Wop (1902–1979), natural causes

Charles Luciano aka Lucky (1897–1962), natural causes

Chen Chi-li aka King Duck (1943–2007), natural causes

Christopher Coke aka Dudus (born 1969), serving twenty-three-year prison sentence

Ciro Terranova (1889–1938), natural causes

Cosimo Di Lauro (born 1973), serving life sentence in prison

Đại Cathay (1940-1967), cause of death disputed

Danny Greene (1933–1977), assassinated

David Barksdale aka King (1947–1974), natural causes

David Thai (born 1956), serving life sentence in prison

Dawood Ibrahim (born 1955), international fugitive since 1993

Dean O’Banion (1892–1924), assassinated

Diego León Montoya Sánchez (born 1958), serving forty-five-year prison sentence

Domenico Cefalù (born 1947), retired

Domenico Raccuglia (born 1964), serving life sentence in prison

Dominic Brooklier (1914–1984), natural causes in prison

Donovan Bennett aka Bulbie (1964–2005), killed by law enforcement

Du Yuesheng (1888–1951), natural causes

Dündar Kılıç (1935–1999), natural causes

Dung Hà (1965-2000), assassinated

Dương Văn Khánh (1956-1998), executed

Dutch Schultz (1902–1935), assassinated

Dutch Voight (1888–1986), natural causes

Earl Weiss aka Hymie (1898–1926), assassinated

Eddie McGrath (born 1906, date of death unknown), cause of death unknown

Ellsworth Johnson aka Bumpy (1905–1968), natural causes

Enoch L. Johnson (1883–1968), natural causes

Evsei Agron (died 1985), assassinated

Felix Alderisio aka Milwaukee Phil (1912–1971), natural causes in prison

Felix Mitchell aka The Cat (1954–1986), assassinated

Francesco Madonia (1924–2007), natural causes in prison

Francesco Mallardo (born 1951), imprisoned

Francesco Matrone (born 1947), serving two life sentences in prison

Francesco Paolo Bontade (1914–1974), natural causes

Francisco Javier Arellano Félix (born 1969), serving twenty-three-year prison sentence

Frank Cali (1965–2019), assassinated

Frank Costello (1891–1973), natural causes

Frank DeSimone (1909–1967), natural causes

Frank Lucas, retired from crime since 1991.

Frank Salemme aka Cadillac (born 1933), serving life sentence in prison

Frank Tieri aka Funzi (1904–1981), natural causes

Frankie Yale (1893–1928), assassinated

Gaetano Badalamenti (1923–2004), natural causes in prison

Gaetano Fidanzati (1935–2013), natural causes in prison

Gaetano Reina (1889–1930), assassinated

Gaspar DiGregorio (1905–1970), natural causes

Gaspare Messina (1879–1957), natural causes

George Moran aka Bugs (1891–1957), natural causes

George Remus (1874–1952), natural causes

Georgi Iliev (1966–2005), assassinated

Gerlandino Messina (born 1972), serving nine-year prison sentence

Gianni Nicchi (born 1981), serving eighteen-year prison sentence

Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela (born 1939), serving thirty-year prison sentence

Giosue Gallucci (1864–1915), assassinated

Giovanni Brusca aka The Pig (born 1957), serving life sentence in prison

Giovanni Motisi (born 1959), international fugitive since 1998

Giuseppa Vitale aka Giusy (born 1972), enrolled in Italian Witness Protection Program

Giuseppe Calderone (1925–1978), assassinated

Giuseppe Calò (born 1931), serving life sentence in prison

Giuseppe Di Cristina aka The Tiger (1923–1978), assassinated

Giuseppe Falsone (born 1970), serving life sentence in prison

Giuseppe Farinella (1925–2017), natural causes in prison

Giuseppe Genco Russo (1893–1976), natural causes

Giuseppe Giacomo Gambino (1941–1996), suicide

Giuseppe Graviano (born 1963), serving life sentence in prison

Giuseppe Lucchese (born 1959), serving life sentence in prison

Giuseppe Masseria aka Joe the Boss (1887–1931), assassinated

Giuseppe Morello, (1867–1930), assassinated

Great Depression and World War II (1933–1945)

Griselda Blanco (1943–2012), assassinated

Gus Alex (1916–1998), natural causes in prison

Guy Fisher (born 1947), serving life sentence in prison

Harukichi Yamaguchi (1881–1938), natural causes

Héctor Luis Palma Salazar (born 1940), awaiting trial

Hisayuki Machii (1923–2002), natural causes

Howard Marks (1945–2016), natural causes

Howie Winter (born 1929), retired as boss in 1978.

Huang Jinrong (1868–1953), natural causes

Ignazio Lupo aka the Wolf (1877–1947), natural causes

Jack Diamond aka Legs (1897–1931), assassinated

Jack Dragna (1891–1956), natural causes

Jackie Cerone aka The Lackey (1914–1996), natural causes

James Bulger aka Whitey (1929–2018), murdered in prison

James Colosimo aka Big Jim (1878–1920), assassinated

James Dolan (1848–1898), natural causes

James Marcello aka Little Jimmy (born 1943), serving life sentence in prison

James McLean aka Buddy (1929–1965), assassinated

James T. Licavoli aka Blackie (1904–1985), natural causes in prison

Jeff Fort (born 1947), serving life sentence in prison

Jefferson R. Smith aka Soapy (1860–1898), assassinated

Jimmy Coonan (born 1946), serving seventy-five-year prison sentence

Joaquín Guzmán aka El Chapo (born 1957), on trial

Joe Adonis (1902–1971), natural causes

Joe Aiello (1891–1930), assassinated

Joe Colombo (1914–1978), natural causes

Joe Gallo aka Crazy (1929–1972), assassinated

Joe Morgan aka Pegleg (1929–1993), natural causes in prison

Joe Profaci (1897–1962), natural causes

John Roselli aka Handsome Johnny (1905–1976), assassinated

John D’Amato (died 1992), assassinated

John DiFronzo aka No Nose (1928–2018), natural causes

John Gilligan aka Factory (born 1952), on trial

John Gotti (1940–2002), natural causes in prison

John Lazia (1896–1934), assassinated

John Morrissey (1831-1878), natural causes

John Sciandra (1899–1940), assassinated

John Stanfa (born 1940), serving life sentence in prison

John T. Scalish (1912–1976), natural causes

John Tronolone aka Peanuts (1910–1991), natural causes

Johnny Dolan (1849–1876), executed

Johnny Jack Nounes (1890-1970)

Johnny Papalia (1924–1997), assassinated

Johnny Torrio (1882–1957), natural causes

José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha (1947–1989), killed by law enforcement

Jose Miguel Battle, Sr. (1930–2007), natural causes in prison

José Santacruz Londoño (1943–1996), killed by law enforcement

Joseph Aiuppa aka Joey Doves (1907–1997), natural causes

Joseph Ardizzone (1884–1932), assassinated

Joseph Barbara aka Joe the Barber (1905–1959), natural causes

Joseph Bonanno aka Joe Bananas (1905–2002), natural causes

Joseph Civello (1902–1970), natural causes

Joseph Ferriola (1927–1989), natural causes

Joseph Ligambi aka Uncle Joe (born 1939), retired

Joseph Lombardo aka Joey the Clown (born 1929), serving life sentence in prison

Joseph Magliocco (1898–1963), natural causes

Joseph Massino aka Big Joey (born 1943), first boss of one of the Five Families in New York City.

Joseph Merlino aka Skinny Joey (born 1962), serving two-year prison sentence

Joseph Pinzolo (1887–1930), assassinated

Joseph Saltis aka Polack Joe (1894–1947), natural causes

Joseph Todaro aka Lead Pipe Joe (1923–2012), natural causes

Juan García Ábrego (born 1944), serving life sentence in prison

Kakuji Inagawa (1914–2007), natural causes

Kazuo Taoka (1913–1981), natural causes

Kenichi Shinoda (born 1942), at large

Kenichi Yamamoto (1925–1982), natural causes

Kenneth McGriff aka Supreme (born 1960), serving life sentence in prison

Khozh-Ahmed Noukhayev (born 1954), missing and presumed dead

Khun Sa (1933–2007), natural causes

Kiyoshi Takayama (born 1947), serving six-year prison sentence

Klaus Bruinsma aka The Minister (1953–1991), assassinated

Koose Muniswamy Veerappan (1952–2004), killed by law enforcement

Larry Hoover (born 1950), serving life sentence in prison

Leoluca Bagarella (born 1942), serving life sentence in prison

Leroy Barnes aka Nicky (1933–2012), disease

Liborio Bellomo aka Barney (born 1957), at large

Louis Lepke (1897–1944), executed

Luciano Leggio (1925–1993), natural causes in prison

Luigi Manocchio aka Baby Shacks (born 1929), at large

Marat Balagula (born 1943), at large

Marcel Francisci (1920–1982), assassinated

Marco Di Lauro (born 1980), serving life sentence in prison

Mariano Agate (born 1939–2013), natural causes

Mario Gigante (born 1923), at large

Mario Prestifilippo (1958–1987), assassinated

Martin Cahill aka The General (1949–1994), assassinated

Masahisa Takenaka (1933–1985), assassinated

Masaru Takumi (1936–1997), assassinated

Matteo Messina Denaro (born 1962), international fugitive since 1993

Mery Valencia (born 1953), at large

Meyer Lansky (1902–1983), natural causes

Michael Mancuso aka The Nose (born 1955), at large

Michele Cavataio aka The Cobra (1929–1969), assassinated

Michele Greco aka The Pope (1924–2008), natural causes in prison

Michele Navarra (1905–1958), assassinated

Michele Zaza aka The Madman (1945–1994), natural causes

Mickey Cohen (1913–1976), natural causes

Mickey Spillane (1934–1977), assassinated

Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (born 1946), serving life sentence in prison

Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela (born 1943), serving thirty-year prison sentence

Moe Dalitz (1899–1989), natural causes

Mohamed Abdi  Hassan aka Big Mouth, serving twenty-year prison sentence

Monk Eastman (1875–1920), assassinated

Năm Cam (1947–2004), executed

Natale Evola aka Joe Diamond (1907–1973), natural causes

Nazario Moreno González aka The Rosary (1970–2014), killed by law enforcement

Nicholas Civella (1912–1983), natural causes

Nicholas Morello (1890–1916), assassinated

Nick Licata (1897–1974), natural causes

Nicodemo Scarfo aka Little Nicky (1929–2017), natural causes in prison

Nicolo Rizzuto (1924–2010), assassinated

Nicolo Schiro (1872–1957), natural causes

Nikolay Suleimanov (1955–1994), assassinated

Noboru Yamaguchi (1902–1942), natural causes

Ollie Quinn

Omid Tahvili (born 1970), international fugitive since 2007

Osiel Cárdenas Guillén (born 1967), serving twenty-five-year sentence

Otari Kvantrishvili (1948–1994), assassinated

Owney Madden aka The Killer (1891–1965), natural causes

Pablo Acosta Villarreal (1937–1987), killed by law enforcement

Pablo Escobar (1949–1993), killed by law enforcement.

Paolo Di Lauro (born 1953), imprisoned

Pappu Kalani (born 1951), serving life sentence in prison

Paul Castellano (1915–1985), assassinated

Paul Le Roux (born 1972), currently awaiting sentencing

Paul Ricca aka The Waiter (1897–1972), natural causes

Paul Sciacca (died 1970), natural causes

Peter Chong (born 1943), at large

Peter Gotti aka One-Eyed Pete (born 1939), serving twenty-nine-year prison sentence

Peter Milano aka Shakes (1925–2012), natural causes

Philip Lombardo aka Cockeyed Phil (1908–1987), natural causes

Philip Rastelli aka Rusty (1918–1991), natural causes

Philip Testa aka Chicken Man (1924–1981), assassinated

Pietro Aglieri aka The Little Gentleman (born 1959), serving life sentence in prison

Rafael Aguilar Guajardo (1950–1993), assassinated

Raffaele Amato (born 1965), imprisoned

Raffaele Ganci (born 1932), serving life sentence in prison

Rayful Edmond (born 1964), currently enrolled in the Witness Protection Program

Raymond L.S. Patriarca (1908–1984), natural causes

Raymond Patriarca Jr. (born 1945), retired

Robert Trimbole (1931–1987), natural causes

Ronnie and Reggie Kray (1933-1995 and 2000), natural causes

Rosario DeSimone (1873–1946), natural causes

Rosario Maceo aka Papa Rose (1887-1954), natural causes

Rosario Riccobono (1929–1982), assassinated

Ross Prio (1901–1972), natural causes

Ross Ulbricht (born 1984), serving life sentence in prison

Rovshan Janiyev (1975–2016), assassinated

Russell Bufalino (1903–1994), natural causes

Ryōichi Sasakawa (1899–1995), natural causes

Salvatore D’Aquila aka Toto (1878–1928), assassinated

Salvatore Giuliano (1922–1950), killed by law enforcement.

Salvatore Greco aka Little Bird (1923–1978), natural causes

Salvatore Greco aka The Engineer (born 1924), international fugitive since 1963.

Salvatore Inzerillo (1944–1981), assassinated

Salvatore La Barbera (1922–1963), assassinated

Salvatore Lo Piccolo aka The Baron (born 1942), serving life sentence in prison

Salvatore Lo Russo (born 1953), arrested and became a pentito

Salvatore Maranzano (1886–1931), assassinated

Salvatore Riina aka Totò (1930-2017), natural causes in prison

Salvatore Sabella (1891–1962), natural causes

Sam Giancana aka Momo (1908–1975), assassinated

Sam Maceo aka The Velvet Glove (1894-1951), natural causes

Samuel Carlisi aka Sam Wings (1914–1997), natural causes in prison

Santiago Luis Polanco Rodríguez (born 1961), retired

Santo Trafficante, Jr. (1914–1987), natural causes

Santo Trafficante, Sr. (1886–1954), natural causes

Sebastiano DiGaetano (1862–?), disappeared in 1912

Semion Mogilevich (born 1946), international fugitive since 2003

Sergei Mikhailov (born 1958), at large

Servando Gómez Martínez aka The Teacher (born 1966), imprisoned

Settimo Mineo (born 1938), imprisoned

Simone DeCavalcante aka Sam the Plumber (1912–1997), natural causes

Stefano Bontade (1939–1981), assassinated

Stefano Magaddino (1891–1974), natural causes

Stefano Magaddino aka The Undertaker (1891–1974), natural causes

Stephanie St. Clair aka Queenie (1886–1969), natural causes

Tadamasa Goto (born 1943), retired

Tadashi Irie (born 1944), at large

Tariel Oniani (born 1952), serving ten-year prison sentence

Thomas Eboli aka Tommy Ryan (1911–1972), assassinated

Tokutaro Takayama (1928–2003), natural causes

Tommy Gagliano (1884–1951), natural causes

Tommy Lucchese (1899–1967), natural causes

Tony Accardo aka Big Tuna (1906–1992), natural causes

Vasil Iliev (1964–1995), assassinated

Vicente Carrillo Fuentes (born 1962), imprisoned

Victor Amuso aka Little Vic (born 1934), serving life sentence in prison

Vincent Basciano aka Vinny Gorgeous (born 1959), serving life sentence in prison

Vincent Coll aka Mad Dog (1908–1932), assassinated

Vincent Drucci aka The Schemer (1898–1927), assassinated

Vincent Gigante aka The Chin (1928–2005), natural causes in prison

Vincent Mangano (1888–1951), assassinated

Vincenzo Cotroni (1911–1984), natural causes

Vincenzo Puccio (1945–1989), assassinated

Vincenzo Virga (born 1936), serving life sentence in prison

Vito Cascio Ferro (1862–1943)

Vito Di Giorgio (1880–1922), assassinated

Vito Genovese (1897–1969), natural causes in prison

Vito Rizzuto (1946–2013), natural causes

Vito Vitale (born 1958), at large

Vivian Blake (1956–2010), natural causes

Vladimir Kumarin (born 1956), serving fourteen-year prison sentence

Vyacheslav Ivankov aka Yaponchik (1940–2009), assassinated

Waxey Gordon (1886–1952), natural causes in prison

William Cammisano aka Willie the Rat (1914–1995), natural causes

William D’Elia aka Big Billy (born 1946), retired

Willie Moretti (1894–1951), assassinated

Yaakov Alperon (1955–2008), assassinated

Yoshinori Watanabe (1941–2012), natural causes

Yoshio Kodama (1911–1984), natural causes

Zakhariy Kalashov (born 1953), at large

Željko Ražnatović aka Arkan (1952–2000), assassinated

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