Beyond the call of duty : Corona Chronicle #122

She stood in the middle of the crematorium but her head bowed low.

She was wearing her PPE kit.

She was mourning the passing away of people she didn’t even know.

The fear of getting infected by the COVID-19  was at the highest peak when she was doing an honourable work.

She investigates accidental deaths, finds out their information and then disposed off their dead bodies.

When people saw her photos, they were in awe of the woman.

In Hindu culture, a woman is not given the duty to cremate.

The dead bodies were brought to the Bhoiwada crematorium and conducted the last rites.

She stayed there until she was handed over the cremation receipts.

She is police officer of Shahu Nahar Police Station, Kakur.

She is a mother of a 13 year old girl and a 9 year old boy and the best role model they could have.

Her name is Naik Sandhya Shilavant.

Beyond the call of duty!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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