Dawood Ibrahim : Unknown Facts About Most Dangerous Maffiossi Boss

Special Correspondent

13 September 2018, Mumbai

Dawood Ibrahim is featured on a list by Forbes in most powerful persons of the world but do not surprise if we will say that he is a designated terrorist and mobster of India. We are here talking about the top gangster of India, Dawood Ibrahim.


If you take his name in Mumbai or any part of India in public, people will see you with fear. The mention of his name invokes an outburst of emotions in any Indian. His D-Company is rightly called merchants of death.


Dawood is head of D–Company and sits at the top of the largest organized crime syndicate in Asia, name of his crime syndicate is D-Company. He is involved in smuggling of weapons, drugs and other illegal activities in the world. He has a huge illegal empire spread in India, Pakistan and Gulf countries.


Dawood born in 1955 in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, little did his parents know that their son will grow up to a biggest Mafiosi boss of India. Dawood has ten brothers and sisters, but only five are alive. Ironically, his father was a head constable with Crime Branch of Mumbai Police.


Dawood Ibrahim has huge stakes in the ship breaking industry of India. Indian intelligence agencies report that Dawood is also using his ill-gotten money for smuggling explosives and other contraband goods inside the country and to other nations.


It was 12th March 1993 Mumbai serial blasts that brought him in bad light and all Indians authorities started chasing him. He fled the country with family and kin in 1986, but settled in Pakistan before 1993 Mumbai Serial Blast and he has declared India’s Most wanted Man.


Dawood’s daughter Mahrukh Ibrahim is married to cricket legend Javed Miandad’s son, Junaid Miandad. Due to this wedding Javed Miandad was banned to enter in India forever.

After tracking Dawood Ibrahim for many years and repeated appeals by India, the US government declared Dawood global terrorist in 2003. A red corner notice was issued by Interpol after foreign ministry of India sent a dossier. After this red corner notice issued by Interpol, all counties where asked to freeze his assets. US agencies also claim that Dawood is also funding terror group Al Qaeda.


It is known fact that all Indian filmmakers are obsessed with Mumbai underworld, especially Dawood Ibrahim’s life and story. Many movies were made, in which this dreaded gangster life is portrayed.  One of them is Company, and some more are D, Black Friday, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Once upon a time in Mumbai and D-Day. Many film personalities and celebs are connected with Dawood Ibrahim. Still many of them take help of Dawood Ibrahim to run their business with ease.


Dawood’s flamboyant lifestyle and style attracts not only film buffs but youth of India too.  There are videos and photographs available as an evidence that some of the most memorable parties in Bollywood were hosted by Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai and many top film actors and actresses attended them with pride. The love story about Ram Teri Gang Maili fame actress Mandakini and Dawood are still in the air.


And if we will say that a bounty of 25 million dollars is riding on his head. Police forces and intelligence agencies of all countries in the world are looking out for this mobster.


It is known that this king pin lost most of his trusted associates in the last three decades, including his three brothers – Sabir, Noora and Mustkin. His both sisters also died.


Indian agencies are pursuing and chasing Dawood Ibrahim very hard because BJP lead government leaders promised before the elections that if they will win the elections, they will bring back Dawood Ibrahim. Hence, cat and mouse game is on.

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