Pune Gangland: 26-Year-Old Criminal with History Slain, Four Individuals Detained: Law Enforcement

By India Crime Correspondent

PUNE, 17 August, 2023

A 26-year-old individual with a history of criminal activities met a tragic end in the early hours of Wednesday within the Shivaji Nagar area. The Pune police have attributed the murder to an ongoing rivalry between criminal factions.

Police have confirmed the detention of four suspects in relation to the incident as of Wednesday night.

Chilling Attack Sequence

The deceased, identified as Nitin Mohan Mhaske, had a record marred by various charges, including murder, attempted murder, and violent assaults.

The dreadful incident transpired as Mhaske exited the Mangala theatre after a movie screening. It was at this juncture that the fatal assault unfolded.

Armed with sharp-edged weapons such as sickles, machetes, as well as makeshift bludgeons crafted from sticks and stone tiles, the assailants targeted Mhaske.

The attack resulted in grievous injuries to his head and neck, ultimately leading to his demise. The intensity of the assault suggests that Mhaske succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

Motivated by Gang Rivalry

Investigative insights reveal that the brutal murder is an outcome of an ongoing feud between rival criminal groups. The dispute encompasses territorial dominance and control over a specific stretch within the Tadiwala Road area.

Police have identified approximately 12 to 13 potential suspects involved in the incident. Consequently, a comprehensive manhunt has been initiated to apprehend the assailants responsible for the violent act.

Arrests and Ongoing Search

Vikram Gaud, the Police Inspector (Crime) of Shivaji Nagar police station, confirmed that the law enforcement has successfully apprehended four individuals in connection with the incident.

Concurrently, the investigation continues to identify and locate other potential suspects associated with the crime.


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