Pune Gangland: Aditya Kamble Gang Faces Severe MCOCA Charges in Ambegaon Khurd

By India Crime Correspondent

Pune, 9th July 2023

The notorious Aditya Kamble gang, infamous for unleashing chaos in the Bharti Vidyapeeth area, finds itself ensnared in the clutches of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

A recent incident of gang-related robbery in Ambegaon Khurd serves as a tipping point, prompting Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr to initiate stringent legal proceedings against the gang.

This marks the 34th case in which the MCOCA is invoked, as part of the relentless crackdown on criminal activities.

Gang Members Under Scrutiny

The accused members facing the weight of MCOCA charges include Aditya/Sonya Khandu Kamble (20) hailing from Hanumannagar in Ambegaon Khurd, Sohail Modin Asangi alias Laden (22) residing in Bholewasti, Indrayaninagar, Amol Tanaji Dhaware (19) from Jambhulwadi, Katraj, and Ajay Vijay Panchal (21) from Naveen Vasahat, Katraj.

Brazen Robbery Unleashes MCOCA Action

The gang’s notoriety reaches new heights with a recent incident involving Aditya/Sonya. Verbally assaulting the manager of a country liquor store under the guise of being recently released from jail, Aditya/Sonya demands extortion payments (hafta).

Following the manager’s refusal, the gang resorts to force, looting Rs 10,000 from the counter. The gang’s violent act escalates as they unleash terror by hurling stones within the store premises.

A history marred with involvement in severe criminal offenses, including robbery, extortion, attempted murder, rioting, illegal weapon possession, property damage, assault, and intimidation, underscores the gravity of their actions.

Police Force Behind Legal Action

The wheels of justice set into motion as Senior Police Inspector Vijay Kumbhar forwards a proposal for invoking MCOCA charges against the gang.

The proposal gains the nod of approval from Additional Commissioner Praveen Patil, orchestrated through the oversight of DCP (Zone 2) Smartana Patil.

Police Commissioner’s Stand: Zero Tolerance

As the Aditya Kamble gang epitomizes organized terror through their string of criminal engagements, Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr takes resolute measures to curb their reign of terror.

The current action against the gang marks the 34th case where MCOCA is implemented, reaffirming the city’s commitment to rooting out criminal elements.

The stringent provisions of MCOCA act as a deterrent, imposing a significant hurdle for gang members seeking bail, stretching up to a minimum of six months.

Task Force Behind the Operation

A dedicated team of law enforcement professionals executes the MCOCA action, featuring the efforts of ACP Narayan Shirgaonkar, Senior Police Inspector Vijay Kumbhar, Assistant Police Inspectors Vaibhav Gaikwad and Sachin Dhamane, ASI Chandrakant Mane, and diligent officers Narendra Mahangere and Vishal Warule.


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