Terror Groups of The World – C

India Crime Data Centre researched the terror, insurgent, sepretist group list. This is onging project and our team is still in process to collect more data and update the list.

If you have any data releted to the terror groups, share it in the comment box with us. We will evaluate the details / data and update as soon as possible.

Vivek Agrawal
Group Editor

C14 aka Sich – Ukraine

Cali Cartel

Cali Narcotics Cartel

California Jihadists

Caliphate State

Cambodian Freedom Fighters (CFF)

Cambodian National Front for National Salvation

Cambodian People’s National Liberation Armed Forces (CPNLAF)

Cambodian People’s Party (CPP)

Canadian Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation

Canadian Tamil Congress

Canary Islands Independence Movement

Cannibal Army

Canyon State Skins (CSS)

Caprivi African National Union (CANU) / Caprivi Liberation Army

Caprivi Liberation Army

Carapaica Revolutionary Movement

Caribbean Islamic Groups

Caribbean Revolutionary Alliance (ARC)

Carinthian Homeland Service – Carinthia (KHD)

Carlos Echeverria Commando Group

Carribbean Revolutionary Independence Army

Cartel del Noreste / The Northeastern Cartel (CDN) – Los Zetas Faction

Cartel of the Suns

CasaPound (CP)

Catalan Liberation Front (FAC)

Catalan Red Liberation Army

Catalonian Resistance

Catholic Reaction Force

Caucasian Front for the Liberation of Abu Achikob

Caucasian Mujahadeen

Caucasus Emirate (CE)

Caucasus Islamic Army

Caucasus Mujahideen in Khorasan


Cell for Internationalism

Cell of 88

Cells for Solidarity Against Authority

Cellules Communistes Combattants (CCC)

Cemaat-ul Islam Brigade

Centauros Bloc

Central African National Liberation Movement

Central American Movement of Solidarity (MOSCA)

Central American Revolutionary Workers Party (PRTC)

Central Intelligence Agency – US (CIA)

Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies

Chadian People’s Revolutionary Movement

Chaotic Attack Front

Charles Martel Group

Charlot Jacquelin Militant Front

Che Guevara Anti-Imperialist Command (CGAIC)

Che Guevara Brigade

Che Guevara Guerrillas

Chechen European Network

Chechen Lone Wolf Group

Chechen Rebels Groups (CRI)

Chicano Liberation Front (CLF)

Chicoco Movement

Children of Fire

Children of November

Chilean Anti-Communist Alliance (ACHA)

Chilean Committee of Support for the Peruvian Revolution

Chin Kuki Revolutionary Front

Chin National Army

Chondaehyop (Radical Student Coalition)

Christ Chaos

Christian Group for the Respect for Life

Christian Liberation Army

Christmas Day / Underwear Bomber

Chukakuha (Middle Core Faction)

Chukakuha Revolutionary Army

Cinchoneros Popular Liberation Movement

Circle of Lawbreakers-Nuclei Lovers of Lawlessness-Fighting Minority


Citizens Against Crime

Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

Citizen’s Rights Protection Volunteers

Citizens Volunteer Force

Civic Guard

Civic United Front (CUF)

Civil Association for Peace in Colombia, Asocipaz

Civil Cooperation Bureau

Civil Defense Force (CDF) – Sierra Leon

Civilian JTF


Clandestini (separate entry Clandestini Corsi)

Clandestini Corsi (separate entry Clandestini)

Clandestini Ribelli

Clara Elizabeth Ramirez Front (CERF)

Cleansing Hand (La Mano Que Limpia)

Cleveland Bridge Bombers

Clone of Lega Nord / Northern League – Venice

Club 777

Coalition for Militant Action in the Niger Delta (COMA)

Coalition for the People of Azawad (CPA)

Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD)

Coalition of Congolese Patriotic Resistance (PARECO)

Coalition of National Brigades

Coalition of Vietnamese National Parties

Coalition to Save the Preserves (CSP)

Colina Group

Colombia Without Guerrillas

Colombian Patriotic Resistance

Colombian Revolution

Colonel Karuna Faction

Colonial Christian Republic – United States

Colorado 1st Light Infantry

Columbus Shopping Mall Bombers

Column 88

Comando Autónomo Voltaire Argandoña

Comando Bautista B

Comando Independiente Revolucionario

Comando Internacionalista Simon Bolivar

Comando Jaramillista Morelense 23 de Mayo

Comando Malvinas Argentinas

Comando Vermelho (Red Command)

Combat 18 – Bangladesh

Combat 18 – UK

Combat 786

Combat Brigades

Combat Nucleus of Communist Unity

Combatant Communist Front

Combatant Nucleus for Communism

Combatant Proletarian Nucleus

Combatent Communists

Comité Argentino de Lucha Anti-Imperialisto

Comite d’Action Viticole (CRAV)

Comite de Liberation et de Detournements d’Ordinateurs (Committee for the liberation and hijacking of computers)

Command for National Sovereignty

Commander Gonzalo Southern Group

Commander Luciano Varela Antiguerrilla Group

Commando 15th October

Commando 27 September

Commando Adolph Hitler (AAA)

Commando Anarchist Group

Commando Delta

Commando Heinz Neumann

Commando Internacionalista Simon Bolivar

Commando of Croatian Revolutionaries in Europe

Commando Vermelho

Commandos Against Self Destruction of the Universe

Commandos for A Popular alternative

Commandos for the Defense of Western Civilization

Commandos of France

Committee for a National Drive for Peace and Democracy

Committee for Charity and Solidarity with Palestine

Committee for Direct Action Against War

Committee for Liquidation of Computers (CLODO)

Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights (CDLR)

Committee for the Defense of Italian Workers in France

Committee for the Elimination of Killer Collaborators

Committee for the Safeguard of the Islamic Revolution

Committee for the Security of the Highways

Committee of Action against Bull Fights

Committee of Coordination

Committee of Peasant Unity (CUC)

Committee of Solidarity with Arab and Middle East Political Prisoners (CSPPA)

Committees for the Liberation of the Golan Heights

Commune 1

Communication Forum for Mosque Youth Administrators

Communist Anti-Imperialistic Revolutionaries

Communist Anti-Nuclear Front

Communist Armed Nucleus

Communist Attack Brigades

Communist Attack Units

Communist Brigade Dante Dimani

Communist Brigades

Communist Combat Unit

Communist Combatant Cells

Communist Combattant Cells (CCC) (Belgium)

Communist Fighters Association

Communist Fighters Group

Communist Fighting Corunim- Maria Anna Maria

Communist Fighting Detachments

Communist Fighting Front

Communist Fighting Nuclei

Communist Fighting Unit

Communist Front for Counterpower

Communist Group of Proletarian Internationalism

Communist Guerilla Nuclei

Communist Hunters Command (CCC)

Communist Liberation Faction

Communist Nuclear

Communist Nuclei of Counter Power

Communist Party of Afghanistan – Maoist (CP(M)A)

Communist Party of Ceylon (Maoist) and Sri Lanka

Communist Party of India – Maoist (CPI-M)

Communist Party of India – Marxist

Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) People’s War

Communist Party of India (ML) Agami Yug

Communist Party of India (ML) Khokan Majumdar Faction

Communist Party of India (ML) Resistance

Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist – Janashakti (CPI-ML)

Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist – Naxalbari (CPI-ML)

Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist – New Democracy (CPI-ML)

Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist – Pratighatana (AP)

Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist – Red Flag (CPI-ML)

Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist – Sanyal Group (CPI-ML)

Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist – Shantipal (CPI-ML)

Communist Party of Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge)

Communist Party of Malaysia- Marxist-Leninist

Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist (CPN-M)

Communist Party of NepAl  Unified Marxist-Leninist (CPN-UML)

Communist Party of Nepal – Unity Centre-Masal

Communist Party of Nepal Maoist (CPN-M)

Communist Party of Thailand

Communist Party of the Philippines / New People’s Army (CPP/NPA)

Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist–Leninist

Communist Patrols for Counter Power

Communist Progress

Communist Revolutionaries in Europe

Communist Revolutionaries in Europe

Communist Revolutionary Group for Unity (UCCRI(ML)

Communist Territorial Nuclei

Communist Territorial Unit

Communist Trade Union Workers

Communist Warrior’s Union

Communist Workers Movement

Communists Fighting Imperialism and Armaments

Comrades in Arms

Comrades Organized in Partisan Nuclei


Concerned Christians


Confederation of Iranian Students/National Union (CISNU)

Confederation of the Peoples of the Caucasus (CPC)

Congo Liberation Front

Congolese Armed Patriotic Group (GPAC)

Congolese Banyarwandan Hutus

Congolese Liberation Party (PLC)

Congolese Movement for Change (MCC)

Congolese National Movement – Lumumba (MNCL)

Congolese Patriotic Resistence-Patriotic Armed Forces (Pareco/FAP)

Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD)

Congress of Kabardian People

Congress of the Peoples of Ichkeria and Dagestan

Congress Party Activists

Conqueror Army

Conscientious Arsonists (CA)

Consciously Enraged

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) (CCF-FAI-FRI) – Mexico

Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei

Continental Revolutionary Army

Continuing Struggle

Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA)

Continuous Struggle


Convention of Liberal Reformers (CLR)

Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP)

Cooperative of Hand-Made Fire & Related Items

Coordinating Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations in South Asia (CCOMPOSA)

Coordination for Revolutionary Action (CAR)

Coordination of Anti-atomic Power Plant Saboteurs

Coordination of Armed Political Opposition Movements (CMAP)

Coordination of the United Revolutionary Organization (CORU)

Coordination, Offensive, Use, Interruptions, and Cut (COUIC)

CorCom (Coordination Committee)

Core Conspirators for the Extension of Chaos (Núcleo de Conspiradores por la Extensión de Kaos)

Corona Cartel

Corp for the Advocacy of Islamic Law

Corsica Nazione

Corsican Farmers’ Front

Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC)

Corsican National Liberation Front- Historic Channel

Corsican Patriotic Front (FPC)

Corsican Revolutionary Armed Forces (FRAC)

Corsican Revolutionary Brigade

Cossacks Motorcycle Club

Costa Rican Peoples’ Army (EPC)

Council for Popular Justice

Council for the Destruction of Order

Council of Conservative Citizens

Council of Khalistan

Council of Libyan Rebels

Council of the Mujahedeen Union

Councils of Islamic Courts (also see Islamic Courts Union)

Counterrevolutionary Solidarity (SC)

Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord (CSA)

Covenant, Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA)

Crazy Brabant Killers

Crescent Star Party – Indonesia

Cretan Revolution

Crimean branch of Right Sector

Croat Democratic Union

Croatian Freedom Fighters (CFF)

Croatian Nationalist Army

Croatian Revolutionary Brotherhood (CRB)

Croatian Revolutionary Cell-Bruno Busic Dept

Croatian Six

CSS Movement

Cuban Action

Cuban Action Commandos

Cuban C-4 Movement

Cuban Nationalist Movement

Cuban Secret Army

Cumann na mBan

Cuncolta Naziunalista

Cypriot Nationalist Organization (OKE)

Cyprus Turkish People’s Movement

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