An angel in disguise : Corona Chronicle #125

He stayed in the US and came back to India amid the COVID-19 pandemic to take care of his mother-in-law’s death anniversary.

When he came here, he got stuck in Mumbai.

He was working and home like almost everyone.

When he used to go out for buying the essential commodities, he saw the plight of migrant workers at Dindoshi Bus Depot.

The hopeful faces being disappointed was a frequent sight there.

They would wait hours for their turn to get into buses.

The nostalgia of his childhood came into his mind remembering how him and his friends would distribute water bottles to poor people during Ganpati.

He was thoughtful and decided to help however he could.

He distributed a plate of basic food and water bottles at first and then realised that his resources would dry up soon too.

He started asking for donation via a fundraising platform and started a campaign called #rotisabzi4raahi.

He made a video talking about his initiative which is run by him, his family and some volunteers.

The donations reached Rupees 4 or 5 lakh in a small period of time.

He reached out to his colleagues in the US as well.

By the end of August, they have collected Rupees 45 lakh from 512 people.

He has given food to almost 1,700 families who were suffering during the pandemic. 

He is going back to the US on 5th September but his campaign is going to be run by his father now.

The son of his domestic helo says that he is a God send.

The son lost his brother before the lockdown and his father just after and the responsibility of the family fell on his shoulders.

He personally brought groceries for them and even catered to them.

He also helped 80 more families in that area.

An angel in disguise.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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